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Opus 88 Omar Clear Fountain pen

Opus 88 Omar Clear Fountain pen
Opus 88 Omar Clear Fountain pen
Opus 88 Omar Clear Fountain pen
Opus 88 Omar Clear Fountain pen

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Opus 88 Omar Clear Fountain pen
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  • Brand: Opus 88
  • Model: Vulpen / Fountain pen

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The Opus 88 Omar fountain pen is a large eyedropper-filled pen with a piston operated shut-off valve. The coloured barrel of this pen is translucent, allowing you to see your ink level. The cap is made of an opaque flecked resin with different shades of the colour the pen comes in. The pen features an ivory resin finial and piston knob, a silver clip, and a silver stainless steel #6 JoWo nib. It also comes with a glass eyedropper to fill the pen with your favorite ink. An ebonite piston and rubber gasket seals the feed off from the barrel when fully depressed, reducing the risk of leakage and burping. By unscrewing the blind cap and loosening the rod at the rear of the barrel, you open up the ink flow to the feed. During long writing sessions, leave the shut-off valve open to take advantage of the impressive ink capacity.

Masterfully engineered to serve both form and function, Opus 88 pens transcend mere communication to reflect the artistry that is the written word. For over two decades, founder Michael Hsu has personally and painstakingly crafted each pen to exacting standards, selectively building his Opus 88 label for discering clientele. Those who recognize the power and beauty of an exquisite writing instrument appreciate his work. Since 1988, as an OEM/ODM supplier, Michael has earned a reputaion for excellence.

Opus 88 is a Taiwanese company. The name Opus was choosen because the company tries to tell the pen user that they are good in using different materials to create pens (materials like brass, wood, shell, sterling silver, acrylic, ebonite, etc.). The number 88 is a reference to the year the company was founded. The symbols in the logo are the Chinese word fort he family name of the company ‘’Hsu’’.

Brand Opus 88
Range Omar
Writing system Fountain pen
Nib width Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub
Nib content Steel
Filling system Eyedropper
Closing System Screw cap
Material Resin
Color Transparent
Trim color Black
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