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Well-Appointed Desk

Ana Reinert is the creator of The Well-Appointed Desk, a blog that motivates readers to go analog, by using pens, paper and ink, and to create an inspiring workspace. She and her husband, Bob Atkins, created the Col-o-ring, which helps you keep track of your ink collection.

The Well-appointed desk: for the love of pens, paper, ink and a beautiful place to work.

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How can you improve on the perfect ink testing book? You OVERSIZE it. For those of you who like to swatch multiple inks on one page, or perhaps do a bit of artwork, this is the perfect ink testing book. It’s 2.5 times as large as the original, but it contains less pages, so it’s still very portable...
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This is the miniature version of the original Col-o-ring, at just 25% of the size! Easy to get started, even easier to carry with you to pen meets or pen shows. The sheets are small enough to dip in a bottle of ink, so you won’t have to use brushes or swabs to get the ink onto the paper. Each Col..
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Many fountain pen users tend to collect multiple bottles of ink. But how do you keep track of the colours you have and how can you easily compare them? The Col-o-ring Original lets you do just that! The paper is ideal for fountain pen inks, bringing out their true colours. And thanks to the handy sp..
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