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Embracing both tradition and evolution- the iconic Cross profile takes a broader point of view. Created with a keen appreciation for modernist design and lasting value, Century II offers a bolder look and wider girth than the original Classic Century. Saturated with a colour or finessed with fin..
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The Montegrappa Tribute to Ayrton Senna fountain pen is a combination of the timeless style of a classical writing instrument and the charismatic charm of the most loved formula 1 world champion. His memory is tied to intense emotions, historical victories and the overwhelming sense of humanity that..
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The distinctive knurling on cap and barrel has given the Kaweco Dia2 Black ballpoint a unique design element since its first launch in the 1930‘s. The barrel is made from high-quality injection-moulded acrylic, supported by CNC-milled aluminium parts where strength and long life are essential. The c..
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A collection commemorating the original 1977 Star Wars film wouldn’t be complete without the Chewbacca character. This striking writing instrument clad in mahogany-brown lacquer with deep-set engravings and finished with an embedded brilliant-faceted Swarovski smoked topaz crystal in the top of the ..
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