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One important prerequisite for outstanding products is high-quality materials such as the selected Italian calfskin that the products in the Graf von Faber-Castell collection are made from. Tough but supple, calfskin is a material that lends itself to fine crafting. The leather is butt-jointed by hand. Graf von Faber-Castell use grained leather for the outer surfaces and usually smooth leather on the inside - a combination with an appealing visual effect. The right-hand side can take a standard pad or a notebook. On the left is a large pocket for papers. Then there are further slots for business cards and notes, with a leather pod to hold a pen or pencil safe. Size: 149 x 210 mm All the leather products of Graf von Faber-Castell are available in a choice of brown or black. In 1761, Kaspar Faber started to produce pencils in Stein, near Nuremberg. When the fourth generation,Baron Lothar von Faber, took over the company in 1839 he turned the pencil into a true quality product and the world's first branded writing instrument. Over the centuries, he and his descendants created remarkable products. The result is the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection, a range of extraordinary writing instruments and accessories. They embody "Luxury in Simplicity" by combining selected materials, functionality and superb aesthetics...
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Luigi Raphael has become a well know standard. Vegetable tanned buff leather gives cachet to a wide collection of not only writing cases of great luxury, but also pen pouches and small leather goods in brown and black. The Van der Spek Company is active in working with leather for more than 85 years. In the field of writing cases, Van der Spek is developed into a leading position on the market, but also the pen pouches are well appreciated. For producing all these articles knowhow, skills and quality are of high priority at Van der Spek. The leather hides have been tanned in an environmental- and vegetable way. Therefore leather is a product of naturalness. Though here small damages are sometimes still visible, this underline the pureness of this natural- and quality product.  ..
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