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Diplomat Easyflow Ballpoint Refill (2 colors)

The writing quality of the Diplomat Easyflow ballpoint refill speaks for itself. With a top writing ..

EUR €5.10
Ex Tax: EUR €4.21

Faber-Castell Ballpoint Refill (2 colors)

All ballpoint pens by Faber-Castell use international refills. These Faber-Castell refills are of th..

EUR €3.95
Ex Tax: EUR €3.26

Hugo Boss Ballpoint Refill (2 colors)

Hugo Boss pays great attention to the quality of its refills. The refill has a lenght of 97.5 cm, li..

EUR €4.95
Ex Tax: EUR €4.09

Parker Quinkflow Ballpoint Refill (3 colors)

This Parker ballpoint refills have the standard size and are suitable for every ballpoint pen that u..

EUR €5.25
Ex Tax: EUR €4.34

Pelikan Ballpoint Refill (2 colors)

All ballpoint pens by Pelikan use international refills. These Pelikan refills are of the highest qu..

EUR €4.95
Ex Tax: EUR €4.09

S.T. Dupont Ballpoint Refill (Défi - Liberté - Elysée - Line D)

This S.T. Dupont ballpoint refill is suitable for use with a.o. Défi, Elysée/Line D and Liberté. The..

EUR €5.00
Ex Tax: EUR €4.13