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The Leonardo Momento Zero Grande 2.0 is the evolution of the species, numbered collection (not limited) is the evolution of the well-known Momento Zero Grande, the main feature of the 2.0 is the transparent ink window that indicates the level of ink contained inside the barrel, not visible when the pen is closed because it is positioned on the writing section. 

The Momento Zero Grande is slightly larger compared to the Momento Zero. The name Momento Zero, absolutely evoking, exactly means a new beginning, a start from scratch; the first pen made by a new company, based on experience and passion of a strong team. The Leonardo Momento Zero collection is inspired by the Italian vintage style, worldwide known; it’s a classic pen, well balanced with size and metal trims. The Momento Zero Grande has a smaller clip compared to the Momento Zero as a reference to the clips the Italian pen companies used in the 1930s.

The fountain pen has a #6 sized 14kt gold or stainless steel nib in different widths (Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub) the feed is made of ABD plastic (steel nibs) or ebonite (gold nibs). As an option the nib can also be obtained in a #8 sized nib. The Momento Zero Grande uses a built in piston filling mechanism with a capacity of 1.5ml. 

And the story goes on… A family tradition. Leonardo Officina Italiana is a forge, a laboratory where experience and craftsmanship are mixed giving life to “pleasure”, the pleasure of writing.

Over 45 years of experience in the field of writing instruments, handed down from father to son, from generation to generation. Today Leonardo Officina Italiana works on emotional and vintage projects, taking up the old loading systems, the materials and the working techniques that once characterized the craft of the craftsman. The Leonardo pens have a soul, a human warmth that only passion can give. The fountain pen carved into the material is certainly this detail that differentiates us on the world market. Each Leonardo collection is hand made in Italy.

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22 reviews for Leonardo Momento Zero Grande 2.0 Stardust ST Fountain pen

  1. English

    Rebecca Lapiner (verified owner)

    The name of the pen is fitting, blue (a bit transparent) with gold sparkling vortex. The #8 nib is fitted with an ebonite feed!
    And I love the section of the MZG 2.0.

  2. English

    BC (verified owner)

    I’ve not tried the La Fenice nib before, so I ordered the MZG 2.0 Stardust, and the La Fenice BB nib seems to have a stubbish tendency like the Lamy 2k BB. It does have a tendency to dry out, but I re-cleaned the feed and realigned everything and it writes beautifully. The capacity is good and the piston is smooth and works without trouble. Love the acrylic. Happy with this order and would definitely consider another MZG 2.0 in future!

  3. English

    Chris (verified owner)

    First off, the pen is beautiful. That being said, it can be the prettiest pen in the world, but if it doesn’t write well, then who cares? I loved Leonardo’s previous nibs, so I was excited to try the la fenice nib. I was not disappointed whatsoever. Even though I usually prefer Japanese nibs with a decent amount of feedback, these Leonardo nibs are fantastic. Very smooth with just a touch of feedback (I ordered a fine nib). A combination of beauty and function; you can’t get better than that!

  4. English

    Robert Van Hinsbergh (verified owner)

    My recent purchase from your store of the Leonardo Momento Zero Grande 2.0 (Stardust) was one of my best decisions. This is my first Leonardo pen and I am pleased to say that I have been truly impressed. To begin with the materials used are exquisite for this price range as is the craftsmanship. It is the little attention to details and the absolute demand for accuracy and immaculate finishing that levels the product up into a league of its own. The fine metal trim highlights the parts of the pen very well and adds to the feeling of class.

  5. English

    A (verified owner)

    Very nice pen. Just be aware that the finishing can be completely different from the product image (says muchmore brown than blue resin)

  6. English

    J Bravo (verified owner)

    This is one of the most gorgeous pens I own. The depth of color is mesmerizing and the writing experience is amazing! I highly recommend this pen with the CSI nib!

  7. English

    Andrew Showler

    This pen is so aesthetically appealing and is such a perfect weight and size I can never get tired writing with it the gold nib was worth the extra expense

  8. English


    Over the moon with this pen and the service received from Appelboom!

  9. English

    Ken Ashbrook (verified owner)

    I love the grande pens. The addition of the ink window in the grande 2.0 has made a great pen even better. As with all Leonardo pens it’s well made and aesthetically very pleasing.

  10. English

    Colin Wright

    Looks great, feels great, writes great. What more could you want?
    The ink window transforms the MZG from very good (for the original) to excellent (for the 2.0).

  11. English

    Franck (verified owner)

    This has just become one of my favourite pens with a fine nib. It writes superbly and I just love the size of it when writing with a fine nib. It’s a stunning pen and one that sits with my best of the best pens I own. They include Visconti. Mont Blanc, Pelikan and Pilot pens. I like this pen so much that I also got the brown spaghetti version with a Medium nib. I very tempted to get the Abalone green version with a stub nib. Appelboom and Joost in particular has been amazing to deal with as well. Any issue you have with a pen you buy he will sort it out for you. I couldn’t ask for better service. I blame SBREBROWN for introducing me to Appelboom through his videos on YouTube but I’m so glad I listened and visited this site because of him.

  12. English

    Gareth B (verified owner)

    Excellent large pen with a nice sparkle and chatoyance in the resin. My example did not have the perfectly distributed colours as in the promo photos – but still very nice. Tuned nib (medium) writes very smoothly, with a wet flow. This wasn’t my first MZG from Appelboom nor is it likely my last.

  13. English

    Joe Shafir

    I purchased this pen with a medium steel nib. It is a beautiful pen, is extremely comfortable in the hand and lays down a medium amount of ink. Leonardo pens are excellently crafted and the brand is one of my favorites, Excellent value for an excellent writer. Highly recommended.

  14. English

    David Garner (verified owner)

    This is an awesome pen! I got the stardust version with the #8 gold nib it writes well, looks beautiful and holds a ton of ink. Great service from Appelboom! Excellent price!

  15. English

    Mark Sutherland (verified owner)

    I ordered this pen in November 2022 and it was obviously popular as the backlog meant i recieved my pen in mid February. On first look my pen is very different from the photo so initially i was a little disappointed. However, after a long look and handling it is absolutely beautiful with swirls of gold and orange that have depth and lustre. Like all Leonardos, this writes beautifully too. Definitely a keeper.

  16. English

    Terje Odin Mykkeltveit (verified owner)

    I had for two months looked forward to receiving this beautiful pen. It was unavailable from Leonardo for a long time. So it was with great joy I received it. My first reaction was a bit of disappointment since the did not look like the finish I had ordered, as seen on the advertising pages. But of course it was a new batch og this finish. After a short time, having got used to the for me a bit unfamiliar design, I changed my perspective, and the new Stardust design grew on me, and now I just love it. And I love the Grande size, that fits my hand so well. And I love the more regular shape of the 2.0 section. And most important of all; this is a really excellent writing tool. It is a pen that for me makes it easier to write well.

  17. English

    Douglas Rathbun (verified owner)

    I have a Leonardo MZG 1.0 and it is an incredible Jonathan Brooks Earth Magic 2, which was the Dutch Pen Show pen for 2021. This new MZG 2.0 in Stardust is every bit as stunning as the Brooks! I did a video review on my YouTube Channel “Inkquiring Minds” here:


  18. English

    Stanislav Minkovsky

    This pen is absolutely gorgeous! Piston is smooth, and it holds A LOT of ink! The steel stub nib is tuned very well. For around 170€ (I bought it on 20% sale) it is absolutely worth it! The grip section is big and if you have small hands, it won’t be comfortable to write with. Only 1 turn to uncap. Feels great in the hand! And you don’t need to spend additional 30 on Leonardo’s wrench – much cheaper HongDian wrench will do the job perfectly!

  19. English

    Daniel Faber Ulrich-Clausen (verified owner)

    This was my first Leonardo pen, and my first oversized pen. And it completely blew me away. It’s beautiful, feels premium and the writing experience was flawless (steel fine). It writes better than most of my gold nib pens.

    100% will not be my last Leonardo pen.

  20. English

    Alexandre Polito (verified owner)

    J’adore ce Leonardo. C’est un très beau stylo dont l’acrylique est magnifique, passant d’un bleu profond (et translucide) à un brun ambré, doré par endroit, juste superbe. Pour le reste la plume acier broad est une réussite, bon flux et touché de page soyeux.

    Le piston fonctionne très bien et l’ajout d’une fenêtre transparente pour voir le niveau d’encre est clairement un plus par rapport au Leonardo Grande classique.

    J’ai également un Momento Magico dont je suis très content. Le Grande 2.0 est plus long de 0.6mm et plus épais au niveau du baril et de la section, ce que les grandes mains apprécieront, peut-être moins les autres. Il poste également superbement, il devient même plus court d’un ou deux millimètres que mon Magico une fois posté et celui-ci est pourtant déjà un posteur très agréable.

    Bref je n’ai juste rien à reproché à ce stylo, L’un des plus satisfaisants que j’ai acheté. Cher sans doute, mais d’une qualité de fabrication digne des plus grandes marques.

  21. English

    Jason Herman

    Love this pen! The see-through window in beneficial for seeing the amount of ink. As with all Leonardo’s (my favorite maker), they are well made and beautiful to look at. I love their nibs as well; they write so smoothly. Appelboom is my favorite vendor…cannot wait to order again.

  22. English

    Ken Vargo (verified owner)

    I love the Leonardo Officina line of pens. Their materials are beautiful and so varied that there is a material for everyone. BUT the one item that made a great pen better is the addition of an ink window on the Leonardo Momento Zero Grande 2.0. How many times have you run out of ink when you cannot see the ink level. It always seems you are no where near your ink when you need some. Now your worries are over.

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