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Montblanc Unicef

If you decide to buy a Montblanc Unicef pen, you not only enjoy writing with a very elegant pen but you also donate to Unicef, a charity organisation that provides access to primary education and education of better quality for children. Make sure you buy your Montblanc Unicef pen at an authorized Montblanc dealer, such a Appelboom. Our company is a pen specialist with more than 25 years of experience. With our passion for pens, we know how to make every client happy with a pen that meets his or her needs.

Montblanc for Unicef: collection of special pens made in association with Unicef

In association with Unicef, Montblanc designed and produced a large collection of elegant pens. Each pen has a special item that refers to the partnership with Unicef. In the webshop of Appelboom, you can find the following models:

Because of our wide range of Montblanc Unicef pens, we can make sure that you will find a pen you like. When you have found a pen you want to buy, you can place on order in your shopping cart and follow the steps of the order process. Do you have any questions about our product? Do not hesitate and call +31 35 538 35 91.

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