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The Visconti Divina Fashion White Rollerball is a very innovative writing instrument that carries in its DNA the Italian Renaissance, by Leonardo da Vinci and its golden number or ratio (1,618), which is said to transmit the key of knowledge and of beauty. Visconti applied the golden ratio for the first time to a writing instrument in the Divina pen: this generated a revolutionary design changing the aesthetic canons of fountain pens. The inspiring concepts are: The Golden Number, the Pentagram, and the Nautilus.

  • The Golden Number: here is the ratio between the length of cap and pen in both open and close conditions reflecting the divine proportion.
  • The Pentagram: it is part of the form of the pen itself, of course adapted to the ergonomic needs of a writing instrument.
  • The Nautilus or “Golden Spiral”: according to the Fibonacci Series, the Golden Spiral harmoniously envelops the pen.

These elements melt together in alchemy of forms and proportions to make a pen that can be defined as the fifth essence of elegance: so, modern to seam timeless, so ancient to seam supernatural. In one word: Divina.

The Golden number originally codified from Leonardo in the XIV Century, is a number already present in nature and it reveals the beauty of the proportion. The collection is designed following the rules of the golden number where the cap is 0,618 of the entire length of the pen itself. It has a pentagon shape as it represents the union of the four elements giving birth to the fifth element that is divine. The shape is a spiral shape as revokes the nautilus that is another symbol of divine proportion. All the materials used in this collection are precious. From the noble Silver for all the metal parts to the resin that a compound of acrylic resin and mother of pearl dust that reveals its genuine elegant and prestigious heart. In 2018 Visconti has introduced Divina Fashion, a new version of Divina based on a regular body featuring nice enamel filling in place of the traditional metallic wires.

The collection can be personalized using the well-known Visconti patent- My Pen System - with the instant application of the initials, the zodiac sign or the semi-precious stone preferred by the fortunate future owner of a Visconti pen. The My Pen System applications can be found in our webstore.

Click here for the refills of this Visconti pen.

The name Visconti has been for the past twenty years a synonym for writing instruments of extraordinary beauty, historically and technologically studied. The fountain pens, rollers and ballpoint pens by Visconti make up a wide range of high quality instruments with a strong identification.


Writing systemRollerball
Filling systemStandard Rollerball Refill
Closing SystemHook Lock Safe
Trim colorSilver
Weight38 gram
Length closed134mm
Length barrel120mm
Length posted160mm
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