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Tibaldi introduces a precious pen collection, celebrating the most powerful and influential leaders the world has know. The Tibaldi Clara Viri collection spans the gamut from the military genius of Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte, to the political manoeuvring of Julius Caesar, the defiance of Nelson and the inspirational leadership of Peter the Great. Each writing instrument is hand painted with the portrait on the barrel and a symbol of the great leader on the cap. Designed, painted and produced with supreme precision and craftmanship, Tibaldi pens are ornate accessories and masterpieces of technological innovation. Tibaldi pens embody the ancient concept of the Divine Proportion, or Phi, to every minute detail, resulting in writing instruments of sublieme elegance.

Each Tibaldi Clara Viri pen is a precious limited edition writing instrument. 50 fountain pens and 50 rollerballs are made in each design.

The Julius Caesar and Alexander The Great pens are fashioned from ivory resin while those celebrating the lives of Napoleon, Horatio Nelson and Peter The Great are of black resin. The ivory and black stress free acrylic is carefully carved by master craftmen from a single bar of raw material, guaranteeing durability.

A diamond patterned finish is found on the pen’s trimmings in sterling silver with rose gold plating. This pattern is known as Clou de Paris. The Clou de Paris, consisting of repeating pyramid patterns, is an ancient decorative design, existing since the 16th century. In the 18th century, it was introduced into the watch industry as an elegant way to hide scratches and extend the life of metal surfaces. Each face of the pyramid is processed on two axes, resulting in a design with a high visual impact resembling a diamond shape and similarly reflecting the light. The work is extremely difficult and requires high-precision technology and instruments. The name most likely comes from the basalt stones used to pave Parisian cobblestone streets.

Peter The Great (1672-1725)

Peter The Great was a far-sighted and skilful diplomat and a talented military leader. His sheer physical presence suggested his power. He was nearly seven feet tall and very broad. His self-given title was Peter the Great though he was officially Peter I. Under Peter’s rule, Russia became a great nation. By the time he died in 1725, Russia was considered a leading Eastern European state. Peter The Great reigned as Emperor of all Russia from 1721-1725. In 1721, he proclaimed Russia an Empire. He centralised government, created an army and navy, subjugated the Church to the state, introduced new territorial divisions of the country and nurtured the advancement of science. He is buried in St Petersburg.

Tibaldi fountain pens are writing instruments that reflect the technical excellence of high precision mechanical watches, which appeal to multiple human senses: sight, touch and hearing.Tibaldi pens are writing instruments that reflect the technical excellence of high precision mechanical watches, appeal to multiple human senses: sight, touch and hearing. The unique filling mechanism of Tibaldi is protected by patent. Its surfaces boast “Clou de Paris” diamond point and galvanized finishes, decorations which are only found on the inner workings of fine watches. The precious metals used in the Tibaldi pens are worked in Switzerland, the home of luxury timepieces. Their quality is certified by the Swiss Federal Customs Administration Office of Geneva.

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