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A case that writes? This question was what inspired the development of the Cocoon ‘case fountain pen’ design. The case and the cap sleeve can be pushed into one another thanks to a precise, hand-crafted manufacturing process. Cocoon is made from vegetable tanned leather in a variety of colours,  allowing it to seize on current fashion trends.

The Cocoon is available with a steel or gold nib. 

For twenty-two years, Jan Zander played a key role in designing Montblanc’s writing instruments, among the most exclusive of their kind and valued by famous individuals from all corners of the world. In 2018, he went on to found the JanZander Design Studio and has now presented his first collection of writing instruments with three of his very own exclusive creations. “Driving a creative idea to perfection when you’re developing a writing instrument takes both time and passion. Producing an exquisite fountain or ballpoint pen requires the material and components to be formed into a unit using a high-quality manual process”, Jan Zander explains, describing the essence of his many years of work.

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