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The heart of a good fountain pen is the nib

The nib gives handwriting a personal character and makes it an individual and unique handwriting for each and every one of us. The more valuable the material of the nib and the more elaborate the workmanship, the softer the writing will feel.

The nib – punched out of selected golden bands, formed and embossed. Precision work with a passion for detail. The nib is crowned by a rounded tip. It is made of iridium, a metal of the group of platinums. Carefully welded to the nib, it is smoothed and constantly and thoroughly tested.

A shining finishing. Small particles of porcelain smooth the nib before it is brightly polished by tiny balls of copper. Concentrated and with an eye for unique details, a variety of work steps are necessary to complete the nib. Every single nib is tested by hand.

Straight nibs

Straight nibs are easier to write with and allow a fluent handwriting for both casual and experienced writers. Smaller nib widths such as F or EF also allow variable strokes by adjusting the pressure while writing. However, casual writers are recommended to use medium to wide nibs (M, B).

* below we have a list of nib sizes (estimates). Please note that with every brand these sizes can deviate from each other and that handmade nibs are always unique and therefore have unique sizes.

If your writing position rather promotes a straightly held fountain pen, straight nibs (such as EF, F , M, B, BB, 3B) are recommendable. Ideal for left-handers are the nib sizes: F, M and B.

Slanted nibs

While allowing a very expressive handwriting with variables strokes, slanted nibs are more difficult to write with. Since Pelikan nibs are slanted left wise, they are not recommended for left handers.

If your writing position promotes a steeper and left wise slanted writing position, left wise slanted nibs (OM, OB, OBB, O3B) are an option.

Below is an indication of the nib sizes.

We offer the possibility to test your nib at our location: you can then see for yourself if the nib suits your writing preferences. Was the pen sent to you by mail, but you prefer a different nib? No problem, in most cases we can change your nibs as well. When you have not used your pen nor inked it with a cartridge or a converter, but only tested the nib by dipping the nib in fountain pen ink, then we can change the nib for you.

Special ordered or grinded nibs cannot be changed.