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A product like no other

Create a writing instrument or leather product with a personal touch by applying an engraving or embossing. A unique product for a unique personality.

A large part of our writing instruments can be engraved. We engrave the metal pens ourselves, the other pens will be engraved outdoors. We engrave standard one line with normal font.

We engrave on the cap where possible so that when the cap is placed on the end of the pen during writing the engraving can be read from left to right. By engraving on the cap there is also less interference with the grip while writing and the engraving is at its most visible with either the cap on or off. If it is not possible to engrave the cap we will engrave on the barrel of the pen.

If you would like the engraving positioned for a left handed person, special fonts, or if you would specifically like the engraving on the barrel of your pen please contact us.

Embossing is typically accomplished by applying heat and pressure with male and female dies, usually made of copper or brass, that fit together and squeeze the fibers of the substrate. This process will be carefully done by the manufacturer. The delivery will therefore be longer than is usually the case. The embossing can occur in various positions. We will contact you after the order is placed, and your choice embossing.

Beware! We will engrave exactly what you write in the engraving box onto your pen, so please ensure that you have used uppercase, lowercase and spaces exactly as you require.

Personalized products can not be exchanged.