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A colecção Leonardo Officina Italiana Furore honra as cores das paisagens da Costa Amalfi, onde esta marca italiana está sedeada. É um local mágido, onde a terra e o mar se encontram, tão belo e fascinante que arrrebata o coração com as cores fortes e vivas. O design vintage da sua forma relembra os velhos clássicos, arredondada nas extremidades e bem equilibrada tanto quando tapada como quando a tampa se encaixa na extremidade do corpo.

E a história continua… Uma tradição familiar. A Leonardo Officina Italiana é uma forja, um laboratório onde a experiência e o engenho se combinam para dar vida ao “prazer”, o prazer da escrita.

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10 avaliações de Leonardo Furore Purple RGT Fountain pen

  1. Inglês

    Danielle Reyes (proprietário verificado)

    I just received this pen and I am already absolutely in love with it! The purple resin is beautiful especially the chatoyance. I got it with the 14k gold elastic fine nib and had it tuned and smoothed before it was sent to me. It writes like a dream and the soft and bouncy writing experience is extremely addicting. Not only is the pen stunning, but the writing experience is as well and it is definitely worth it for the price point. It is my first Leonardo pen but certainly won’t be my last one! Thank you Appelboom and Leonardo for this wonderful pen!

  2. Inglês

    Oscar Zavala

    The pen arrives perfectly and as soon as I cleaned it and inked it up it worked. It writes fairly smooth straight our of the box, It is a great pen for a great price.

  3. Inglês


    This is a beautiful pen with – the combination of purple with the rose coloured nib and accents and to top it all it writes like a dream! I got the 1.1mm stub and asked for it to be tuned and I could not be happier. The weight is perfect for me and I love the feel of the resin. As with my previous purchases from Appelboom, the correspondence were very good and I really appreciate the nib tuning service. I will for sure buy from them again and this will not be my last Leonardo either.

  4. Inglês

    Hari  Gopalan (proprietário verificado)

    I have been using this Pen for over 3 months and have a fine nib. Also I didn’t request any smoothening of the nib when this was ordered. While initially there was some feedback what I really like about this pen is that it has grown on me. The pens nib now has got set to my writing style and the nib feels a lot smoother. Coupled with Diamine’s Majestic Purple this is a great combo for pen lovers.

  5. Inglês

    Lee jieun

    I received it after three weeks of waiting because the shop was out of stock. The cap’s marble didn’t spread evenly, but overall, I’m satisfied. The size is thinner than Grande, but it’s comfortable for women to use. The division of nib was good. Except for the cap, the pen is 20g and light. It’s Steel jowo nip, and Leonardo’s simple imprint is engraved. It’s my favorite pen.

  6. Inglês

    C Altamirano (proprietário verificado)

    This is a beautiful pen, that writes excellently with the help of Appelboom’s nib tuner! The body of the pen has a beautiful depth to it, and it matches really well with Leonardo’s Purple ink. I received this pen with the Bock Rose Gold steel nib, but I believe as of 2021 they all carry Jowo nibs. The rose gold trim matches quite well with the purple resin.

  7. Inglês

    Terry whitworth

    This is my third Leonardo fountain pen, and I’m extremely pleased with it. I bought it from Appelboom with the 1.1 stub nib, and it is a dream to write with. It’s a beautiful looking pen, finished in a purplish colour, with rose gold trim.. what more can I say, it’s a great pen for the price.

  8. Inglês

    Huijun Sun

    This is my first Leonardo fountain pen. It is a beautiful pen. The acrylic on the pen is stunning. I got my pen one month later after I purchased it. The waiting period was too long for me, but I was glad that all my waiting worth it after I got my pen. The nib writes so smooth and wet. I will purchase all my pens from Appelboom in the future because of the free nib tune and adjustment service. The nib specialist did fantastic work.

  9. Inglês


    This Furore was a gift for my better half. She was thrilled by the stunning purple resin and the very buttery 14 K gold nib as well as the rose gold trim. The grip section is comfortable for both of us and the cap posts well if you wish. The Furore is a pen that rivals other Italian flagship pens at a fraction of the cost.

  10. Inglês

    Bernard Gordon (proprietário verificado)

    Dream pen. This is my third Leonardo Officina fountain pen and I love it.

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