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To celebrate the brand’s 10-year milestone, Ystudio releases a series of fountain pens under the name ‘Classic Fountain Pen’. The series represents the 10 years of experience of Ystudio. With this pen, the company has returned to the essence of design, to create a truly ‘pure’ fountain pen.

The Classic Fountain Pen is cut from solid brass, and its hexagonal body follows the brand’s most popular design, pure and simple, with a thicker pen body and just the right balance of weight and solidity. The pen is covered with a matte lacquer finish and is available in 5 colours. The six corners of the pen are finely polished, creating edges with shining gold brass lines. 

The ‘Classic Fountain Pen’ is the first fountain pen with Ystudio’s own nib. To mark the 10th anniversary, the nib is embossed with the first logo of the brand in the early days of its establishment, while the body of the pen adopts the brand’s new logo, symbolizing the link between the past and the future.

The pen uses a cartridge/converter filling system.

Ystudio is made in Taiwan and founded in 2012. What Ystudio create is not just an object in itself, but the true meaning behind it. Ystudio believes there is a deeper meaning in each object, like a lamp means warmth and hope. In the same way a pen means thoughtfulness and caring. Ystudio believes that the value of simplicity in design is very important.

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3 reviews for Ystudio Classic Fountain Pen 10th Anniversary Blue Fountain Pen

  1. English

    Arno Jacobs

    Things I love about this pen is its design, weight, nib and a converter is include.

    The hexagonal shape is ideal for how I write, draw, and doodle and sometimes pick another pen. The YSTUDIO won’t roll off my desk. I never write with the cap of the pen on its back. If you like to write with the cap on the back of the pen this is not the pen four you because that’s not possible with this pen. That also means that you write with a relative short pen.

    Before purchasing the pen I visited the Appelboom shop in Laren. There I could test its size and weight. The pen including cap weighs 46 grams. You write without the cap on its back and then you hold about 30 grams in your hand.

    Returning home from the shop I installed the converter, filled up the pen and started to write. My pen has a medium nib. Because it’s an Asian pen nib, it’s on the fine side. Pen and I had to get used to each other. That worked quickly after filling up a few pages.

    I love this pen in many aspects.

  2. English

    salvatore curatolo

    Penna unica nel suo genere. Ottima solidità e fluidità di scrittura.
    La consiglio agli appassionati del genere

  3. English

    Yigal Arens (verified owner)

    I haven’t inked it up and written with it yet – too many other pens in line for that :-). But it looks quite nice, has some heft to it, and I do look forward to writing with it.

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