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The Waterman Hemisphere GT Nib is suitable for all the Waterman Hemisphere fountain pens which are produced after 2010. The nib can easily be screwed into the pen.

This product will be shipped by the refill & ink conditions. 

Since 1883, Waterman has been combining innovation, design and excellence to create the most inventive and elegant writing instruments. Waterman offers a solution to every writer by using different materials, colors, designs and styles.

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2 reviews for Waterman Hemisphere GT Nib

  1. English

    Ludy R

    Helaas mijn mooie Waterman vulpen laten vallen en de punt krom. Gelukkig kon ik hier een nieuwe bestellen zonder mega verzendkosten. Over het verzenden is goed nagedacht en de punt was zeer netjes ingepakt tegen beschadigingen.
    Hopelijk laat ik hem niet weer vallen, maar anders kom ik terug.

  2. English

    Bogdan Hiba (verified owner)

    I bought the GT Nib in EF and it was worth the money.
    Not only that it gives the option to change the section of whatever Hemisphere Fountain Pen you are using, it also turns it into eye candy. Simply because the gold adds a certain feeling and expression of nobility to it.
    I put it on my Hemisphere Deluxe Blue Wave CT and I am totally satisfied with the aesthetics and the writing performance.

    The Nib itself is made of gold plated steel with the usual engraving, which writes ”Waterman Paris” and the Nib size. On top of it you have the Waterman ”W”.
    It feels also softer than the steel Nib which you get on all the CT (chrome trimmed) models. The GT (gold trimmed) verion gives a more softer feeling to the line while writing. The ink flow stays the same in both variations, CT and GT.

    All together a very pleasant experience.

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