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From 2022, all Waterman will be 100% made in France. To celebrate this occasion, Waterman launches a a collection inspired by and made in France, that encompasses the Spirit of Waterman. The L’Essence du Bleu collection features Waterman’s signature wave pattern combined with a new deep blue lacquer.

This is the first Waterman cross platform collection since Ombres et Lumières in 2015. It encompasses Waterman’s four most premium ranges: Exception, Carène, Expert and Hémisphère.

The L’Essence du Bleu collection is not limited, but it will be retired after two years of production.

This exceptional writing instrument is tipped with an 18 carat gold engraved nib. 

Since 1883, Waterman has been combining innovation, design and excellence to create the most inventive and elegant writing instruments. Waterman offers a solution to every writer by using different materials, colors, designs and styles.

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1 review for Waterman Exception L’Essence du Bleu CT Slim Fountain Pen

  1. Aaron Hsu (verified owner)

    This is one of the most beautiful pens I have, among a host of many high end pens. The nib is absolutely superb, and writes like silk, with a beautiful, characteristic, wet line. The fit and finish are excellent. This pen really does represent the peak of Waterman pens in the modern era. Small touches in design and construction show that the quality of this pen is there not only in the feel of the nib, but the quality of engineering in the pen construction and design. The balance of the pen is excellent, with the weight well distributed around the middle of the pen (if unposted).

    I don’t recommend posting the pen, and you must allow the pen to rest easily in the hand to take advantage of the slim section diameter. The nib is responsive and dynamic.

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