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The Waterman converter is suitable for all Waterman pens that can use a converter.

Since 1883, Waterman has been combining innovation, design and excellence to create the most inventive and elegant writing instruments. Waterman offers a solution to every writer by using different materials, colors, designs and styles.

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9 reviews for Waterman Converter

  1. English

    esr (verified owner)

    The waterman converter pictured is the previous model converter. I ordered it because I was looking for that specific converter. I received a current model converter. The difference is the current model has a hard rubber end instead of the metal threaded end.

    The convertor fits both my Carène and La Man and works as I expect it to. The converter has a good seal around the plunger. The plunger is a twist model.

    The plunger motion is stiff (I expect it to loosen with use). The fit is tight. This is my second modern waterman converter. I have read some have experienced cracks but I never have and dont expect to woth this one either

  2. English

    Annemieke (verified owner)

    Prima product. Voor een converter best prijzig, maar over het algemeen doe ik er jaren mee. En je merkt dat het per merk vulpen soms toch net even verschilt of je een converter van het eigen merk gebruikt of van een ander merk.

  3. English

    Lieven Vandenabeele (verified owner)

    Goed en degelijk product. Doet zijn werk gelijk het moet.

  4. English


    Makkelijk en vlot te gebruiken. Ook op andere merken.

  5. English

    Tabitha (verified owner)

    The customer service is fantastic. I ordered a couple of these a few weeks ago and quickly received an email informing me that they did not have the requested quantity in stock,, but that they had ordered them and would send them to me as soon as possible. Despite having to order the requested quantity from the supplier, the converters were sent to me quickly and arrived in perfect condition.

  6. English

    Ulisses Martins

    Is a Very good converter, very practical and reliable.

  7. English

    Bogdan Hiba

    A simple and reliable Converter for Waterman Fountain Pens, made from Plastic and Metal.
    It is possible to take the Metal part off for cleaning and service purposes.
    For example when Ink or Water get somehow behind the Pistons Head.

    A nice and handy piece, allowing to use Waterman Fountain Pens with your Ink of choice.

  8. English

    Arie Hazeleger

    Probleemloos te installeren en gemakkelijk in gebruik. De hoeveelheid inkt die in de converter kan is kleiner dan in een cartridge, maar daar staat tegenover dat je ‘m heel gemakkelijk even kunt "optoppen" zodat je feitelijk nooit met een lege pen hoeft te zitten. Prijs is niet heel voordelig, maar je bent al goedkoper uit wanneer je drie doosjes cartridges hebt weggeschreven.

  9. English

    Tessa Schreuder (verified owner)

    Een goede converter, die ook past in mijn Pilot Metropolitan. Handig vulbaar met het draaimechanisme,

  10. English

    Jennefer Ertem (verified owner)

    The price is a bit high for a converter in my opinion, but it works well and I have no further complaints.

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