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The Waterman Carène collection is inspired by the streamlined symmetry of the world’s finest yachts. Carène rides on a wave of vibrant inspiration. Powerful presence and modern, fluid design celebrates French elegance and the adventurous spirit of Waterman. 

The fountain pen has an 18 kt gold nib and uses cartridges or the supplied converter.

Layers of glossy black lacquer and luminous palladium-plated trims bring a stylish touch of modernity to a truly timeless design.

Since 1883, Waterman has been combining innovation, design and excellence to create the most inventive and elegant writing instruments. Waterman offers a solution to every writer by using different materials, colors, designs and styles.

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7 reviews for Waterman Carène Black Sea ST Fountain pen

  1. Omar

    Mooie vulpen, snelle levering, inclusief converter.

  2. Kelvin Teo

    Beautifully designed, solidly constructed, and a fabulous writer–all that at a reasonable price too. Do not overlook or underestimate this classic pen fountain pen!

  3. Jeb

    Very idiosyncratic design. One of the smoothest fountain pens on the market. Where an Aurora 88 would occupy the “very feedbacky” end of the scale, the Waterman Carene is at the “butter smooth” one. The nib is extremely stiff, zero flex. It just glides over the paper, but not so much it slides out of your hands. I’m a piston guy, so the fact that it’s a CC-filler cheapens it a bit for me and stop it short of greatness. But it’s a nib that has to be experienced, it’s actually better out of the box than most nibs on the market. Worth mentionning, some small flow issues seem to happen when the converter is half empty, could just be mine, nothing drastic.

  4. Ash

    The design is gorgeous. The weight is substantial but not heavy. The writing experience is super smooth, even for a fine nib. Very slightly inferior to some Pelikan or Pilot nibs of similar size. I was nervous about leakage and quality control issues based on online reviews but I’ve had no trouble so far. The only con – Waterman’s converters are terrible. There’s no agitator, and you can’t take it apart and put one in. So the pen stops writing after using about half the ink. The experience of buying from Appelboom was fantastic and I can’t recommend them enough.

  5. Eric

    If you like sleek designs, you may like this maritime-inspired pen. Its shape is like no other pens, so it will stand out in your collection. The enclosed 18K nib writes very smoothly. However, I find that the knob at the top of the pen does not align with the tip of the nib; I would say that it is a missed opportunity for Waterman to create a real masterpiece.

  6. Kunal Gupta

    Carene is the flagship pen of Waterman. It is the best looking Waterman

  7. António da Conceição Arez Gonçalves

    Simplesmente espetacular! Equilibrada . Dá vontade de não parar de escrever.

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