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Award-winning novels, lyrical outpourings or texts that last an eternity. Which model could better represent the craft of writers and literati in their daily work. It’s guaranteed to help with any writer’s block.

The Waldmann Edelfeder uses international standard ink cartridges or converter and has a stainless steel nib or 18kt gold nib made by Bock in Heidelberg.

Since 100 years, Waldmann has been manufacturing high class writing instruments made from Solid Sterling Silver, in an amazing variety of designs and models. The company’s history began 1918 in Pforzheim, the traditional German metropolis of jewellery in the Black Forest, as a production facility for high class push action and twist action pencils, made from gold and silver.

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2 reviews for Waldmann Edelfeder Champagne Fountain pen

  1. Japleen Kaur (verified owner)

    This pen is a thing of beauty and not just that it is an exquisitely good writer. I have this in a broad and the ink flows smoothly and perfectly, with such a juicy nib!
    I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it and it’s been constantly inked.
    I was worried that the metal grip would make it slippery for long writing sessions but it’s Super comfortable to Hold and looks so elegant in the hand with its creamy whiteness.
    The cap is sterling silver and gives the pen some weight which I also love.
    Only drawback- wish it came with a converter!

  2. Yun

    Elegant appearance. The golden nib touches the paper vey softly.

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