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The Visconti travelling inkwell makes filling your piston fountain pen convenient, easier, cleaner, safer, faster and more enjoyable.

The travelling ink well lets you fill your fountain pen:

Anywhere, anytime
To capacity
With no ink touching the grip section
By utilizing 100% of the ink inside the ink pot
Conveniently, safely, cleanly

No more travelling with glass ink bottles! No more messy grip section! No more pouring ink from a half used bottle into another! Actually, more than a “travelling” ink pot, the inkwell is sure to become your preferred method of filling your fountain pen at home or in your office, as well as when travelling.

The Visconti Travelling Ink Pot has been tested on most fountain pens which are currently available. Considering the enormous number of models available we advise you to always carry out a test-fill using water before using the ink pot.

ATTENTION: Antique or older pens which use a rubber holder, a lever or a push button for filling can not be filled using this ink pot.

The name Visconti has been for the past twenty years a synonym for writing instruments of extraordinary beauty, historically and technologically studied. The fountain pens, rollers and ballpoint pens by Visconti make up a wide range of high quality instruments with a strong identification.


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12 reviews for Visconti Travel Inkwell

  1. David Wong (verified owner)

    This inkwell is a great product! It makes filling of my homo sapiens pen very easy and fill to full amount. Very clean, good size and easy to carry around.

    The only thing to watch out for is to hold it tight with the pen during filling to avoid it popping out and causing a mess.

  2. Crescencio Altamirano (verified owner)

    If you have a Homo Sapiens Power Filler/Maxi size pen, this tool is essentially a must. It makes filling a breeze and portable. It also makes filling the pen incredibly clean. A must get.

  3. Ben

    Visconti reisinktpot is super snel binnengekomen!
    Geweldig reishulpmiddel.
    De afhandeling en service is bij " Appelboom " super!
    Zeer goede communicatie,zowel telefonisch als per mail !
    Hier komen we zeker snel bij terug !

  4. Ben

    De Visconti reisinktpot is super snel binnengekomen!
    Dit reisonderdeel is een geweldig hulpmiddel waar we blij mee zijn!
    De afhandeling en service is bij " Appelboom " geweldig te noemen !
    De communicatie is zowel telefonisch als per mail super !
    Hier komen we beslist snel bij terug !

  5. Kavee

    The traveling inkwell is very convenient and is a must have for a full refill.

  6. Louis Daigle (verified owner)

    Pricy but it’s the only travelling inkwell that fits my Homo Sapiens pens and it looks great!. Holds 5.5 ml of ink as it’s about the size of a pen (I wish 10ml like my Pineiders). I now have two. Always fill my HS pens with it (i.e. even at home) because it allows for a 100% fill in one shot!I like them very much!. BUT I had a problem with one of them (bought from another store). It broke in two pieces after a month and it hadn’t even been dropped! It was a pretty clean break at the top of the transparent portion that slides inside the top metal portion. Of course the other store are replacing the unit, but it makes me a little nervous about travelling with them…. Anyone else has heard or had this issue too. I’d like to hear from you?

  7. Carole

    A very cleverly designed, functional and geometrically well-sized accessory that eliminates the need to carry original ink bottles or Nalgene bottles when travelling, both near and far. In a pen case, it replaces 1 fountain pen, with room to spare, in height and thereby volume. Youtube reviews on this Visconti travel ink pot will convert hesitant fountain pen users who use power vac system-based pens. Hopefully, a future iteration will accommodate 2 inks.

  8. Leon Tan (verified owner)

    This is a very well designed accessory that has helped me get full ink refills on my Visconti HS. Although it is slightly more to the expensive side, it will prove cheaper in the long run due to my frequent usage of this item.
    It is easy and even fun to use. I liked it so much, I actually purchased 2 from Appelboom!

  9. Christopher Lam (verified owner)

    Works well and as described. I was having trouble getting more than a few pages out of my new Visconti Homo Sapiens when filling directly out of a bottle. This Inkwell has solved the issue and as a bonus, makes filling the pen cleaner, with less ink getting on the section. The fact that that this inkwell is required for a full fill when other vacuum fillers like the Pilot Custom 823 can do just fine straight from the bottle is another discussion however.

  10. Wittgenstein (verified owner)

    To be honest, I just bought this inkwell for fun rather than travel. In this regard, it absolutely did its job.

  11. Philip

    Tja, wat moet ik hierover zeggen?
    Het is al mijn 5e Visconti reisinktpot en een EDC (Every Day Carry) onderdeel met mijn inkt van dat moment.
    Handig en verspillingsvrij de vulpen vullen!

  12. Gauthier

    Werkt enorm goed, je pen zit echt nooit onder de inkt na het vullen. Veel beter dan met een glazen inktpot reizen. Ik vind 65 euro overigens wel erg duur. Hij vult al mijn pennen perfect, behalve mijn waterman hemisphere. Deze pen heeft zo’n dun handvat, dat het handvat bij het vullen nat wordt. Enige 2 nadelen zijn dus dat het vullen van dunne pennen slecht gaat, en dat het nogal een prijzig product is. Voor de rest echt perfect naar mijn mening.

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