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For Visconti’s Homo Sapiens Demo Stone Collection inspiration comes from the most famous gemstones.

Visconti’s ability to make beautiful demonstrator pens is renowned around the world. They have set themselves the challenge of making this perfection visible. Transparency is not purely an aesthetic choice, but also a way to reveal the beating heart of these beautiful demonstrator pens. The true power of these pens is born out of their natural encounter with light, which gives life to their transparency, density, splendour and fluidity.

The fountain pen has an 14kt white gold nib, available in sizes EF, F, M, B and Stub.

This pen uses Visconti’s Power Filler Double Reservoir system. Click here for Visconti ink bottles.

The collection can be personalized using the well-known Visconti patented My Pen System, with the instant application of the initials, the zodiac sign or a semi-precious stone. The My Pen System applications can be found in our webstore.

The name Visconti has been for the past twenty years a synonym for writing instruments of extraordinary beauty, historically and technologically studied. The fountain pens, rollers and ballpoint pens by Visconti make up a wide range of high quality instruments with a strong identification.


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1 review for Visconti Homo Sapiens Demo Stones Amethyst Fountain pen

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    Beautiful pen; the translucence varies with viewing angle to provide another level to appreciate the pen’s aesthetics. The purple surrounding the Visconti label in the clip is another detail.

    I enjoy all the elements of the design, from the opening and closing mechanism of the cap to the vacuum filler, even if the latter may not be the most practical for achieving a consistent full fill of ink nor when cleaning.

    However, fountain pen use is more than pure utility and to me the rituals associated with such instruments gives an opportunity to slow down the tempo of modern life and perhaps allow a little room reflection and gratitude which can often be overlooked in the pursuit of mechanical efficiency and speed. This is a very beautiful instrument in that sense.

    As always, Appelboom’s customer service and attention has been excellent, while the complementary nib tuning service provides added assurance.

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