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The Visconti Homo Sapiens Double Reservoir Fountain pen is a new addition to the iconic Homo Sapiens series. This new edition showcases all the unique benefits of the original award winning Visconti Homo Sapiens with the combination of the new transparent crystal windows and patented double reservoir filling system. The Visconti Homo Sapiens Double Reservoir is a unique demonstrator with a large window cut into the pens barrel offering a view of stored ink in the larger ink reservoir and a smaller window behind the pen’s grip offering a view of stored ink in the pen’s second smaller ink reservoir The Visconti Homo Sapiens Double Reservoir is a must have for a true Visconti fountain pen collector

Visconti conceived the Homo Sapiens fountain pen for real writers, for those to whom the pen continues to represent a travelling mate, a daily friend to share with the same civilization that writing contributed to create. The material in this pen is as antique as the world: lava from the Etna volcano. Visconti lava is: Virtually unbreakable, it has a high degree of resilience. Flameproof, Visconti lava has a resistance to heat of over 100°C. Slightly hygroscopic, allowing to absorb hand sweat during use.

Inspiration was drawn from the Bronze Age for all metallic parts. The Bronze Age, almost contemporary to the invention of writing, marked the eve of human civilization. The clip, the rings and the metal accessories -with the exception of the piston only- are all in bronze: natural bronze like the antique formula, that does not require plating or protection treatments which alter its original almost pink colour and which can be easily polished with special products.

The fountain pen has a 18 ct (950) gold nib rose gold plated. The charging high vacuum power filler is made of titanium, the only material resistant to ink aggression. 

Click here for Visconti ink bottles.

The collection can be personalized using the well-known Visconti patent- My Pen System – with the instant application of the initials, the zodiac sign or the semi-precious stone preferred by the fortunate future owner of a Visconti pen. The My Pen System applications can be found in our webstore.

The name Visconti has been for the past twenty years a synonym for writing instruments of extraordinary beauty, historically and technologically studied. The fountain pens, rollers and ballpoint pens by Visconti make up a wide range of high quality instruments with a strong identification.


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9 reviews for Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream Double Reservoir Fountain pen

  1. English

    Catherine Johnson

    The Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream is truly a dream come true, I saw a few reviews of this pen months ago on YouTube and quickly added it to my wishlist. After receiving a discount from Appelboom for a previous order, I decided to pull the trigger and order the pen. With my order I requested the tune and smooth option for the nib given the history of issues with Visconti’s nibs. When the pen arrived I did a quick dip and writing test and the nib glided across the page. I also remembered from a review that the pen leaned more towards the dry side so I decided to use a Bungubox ink. The writing showed the shading and sheen but dried fairly quick which was a nice surprise. I have used this pen everyday since receiving it and am extremely happy with it’s performance.

  2. English

    Alexandre Polito (verified owner)

    Stylo acheté pour l’anniversaire de mon père qui est un grand fan de l’original. Pour des raisons de délai de livraison, la plume n’a pas pu être vérifiée, je l’ai donc encré pour le faire moi-même et elle avait un problème de dents mal alignées. Heureusement ça se règle très vite avec un peu d’expérience et une fois fait c’est un merveilleux écrivain, lisse avec un peu de variation de ligne et plutôt humide. On notera quand même qu’à ce prix, les plumes devraient sortir impeccables de chez Visconti.
    Sinon c’est un stylo magnifique à la finition impeccable, supérieur sur ce point au premier modèle. Certains trouve que la fenêtre d’encre du baril, nuit à l’esthétique antique, mais en réalité une fois encré, c’est plutôt superbe et les mouvements d’encre ajoutent un bel effet à l’ensemble. Pour ma part entre ce Visconti ou un MB 149, le choix va vers le Visconti, beaucoup plus original, classieux et fantastique écrivain. Il a le mérite également d’emporter une quantité d’encre énorme.

  3. English

    KV (verified owner)

    I love the lava based material, the ink capacity is very practical, the nib is fantastic (fine), ink windows are helpful, and it looks quite nice. The capping and uncapping is a snap.

    With both the fine and the medium nibs I can write large or small (within a 5×5 mm grid for example).

    It writes wet with Visconti Blue, and the line size is hard to distinguish from a medium with a little drier ink. Ink and pen combination seems to more of a determinant for line width with these pens than others..

    Great service, quick turnaround, fast delivery, and excellent waffle cookies included with the shipment 🙂

    Recommend the pen and Appelboom

  4. English

    Ian O. (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful pen, that has a good weight and build quality. The pen met my expectations in most ways and exceeded it in a few. The feel of the pen is great with a little bit of texture while also feeling durable, I do not feel like I need to handle the pen very gently. When purchasing the pen I had it tuned and smoothed so I am not sure how it would feel completely stock, however, the writing as I received it is phenomenal. It is easily one of the best writing pens I own. I would purchase it again if I was to loose this pen somehow.

  5. English

    Thomas Hostettler (verified owner)

    Hätte ich mir diesen Füller schon längst gekauft. Das Teil sieht sehr stylisch aus und schreibst sich mit der F-Feder einfach großartig! Ich habe mir die “Customization Tune & Smooth” gegönnt, diese großartige Dienstleistung ist gratis und verzögert die Lieferung nicht wesentlich. Und dann werde das Ganze noch als Geschenk verpackt, ein erfreuliches Detail.

  6. English

    Fayez Abdulsalam (verified owner)

    The quality of this fountain is really exceptional, although I sent it back for to check the nib smoothness.

    The weight and quality of this fountain pen is really great and solid.

    I am fully satisfied and pleased to have this fountain pen.

  7. English

    Cynthia M

    I have always loved the Homo Sapiens Lava model. Something about the feel of the materiel and the size is very comfortable to write with. Now combine that with the beautiful and utilitarian ink window and the increased capacity of the double reservoir, it is perfection. Then, add to that the new 18k in house nib. It was checked by Appelboom (as evidence by a hint of washable ink on the nib) and wrote better than perfect out of the box. I have quite a few Visconti pens. This might be the best writer of the bunch. I would highly recommend this pen

  8. English


    A very special looking fountain pen and very smooth, fluent broad nib. Also very pleasant feeling in hand.
    Like it very much! Thanks for the Dutch biscuits included.

  9. English


    A stellar purchasing experience, highlighted by a nib QC writing sample provided by Appelboom’s Director himself. This 14K gold Fine nib writes smoothly and effortlessly with visible ink shading on Tomoe River 52 gsm paper. Esthetically and mechanically, the Visconti HS Crystal Clear model is a beautifully designed fountain pen that provides a wonderful visual and tactile writing experience, even for a lefty. The Dutch biscuits, thoughtfully included in my order, brought back fond memories.

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