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The Carbon collection

Built with valuable materials, designed to endurance time, our Carbon Collection represents a synthesis of fine instruments where each model has a specific role and user. A consisten minimal aproach comes to reality when material, function and details are bond together to form a timeless product defined by a strong character. Creative professionals, design lovers or fountain pens enthusiasts will find an object that fits their different needs and desires.

From two unique and complementary fountain pens to an aword winner 2mm mechanical pencil and a very singular pen case. The collection has been put together with exceptional care and emphasis on high quality materials and an overall coherency to form a family of utensils that will enhance your user experience.

Our Carbon Collection is carefully hand-crafted in Italy by skilled artisans, an aspect that is not minor, considering the complexity and inherent qualities of the linear carbon fiber, a material that requires a rare mixture of technology, experience and qualified work to be manufactured. The only material able to push our philosophy towards timeless design,
underlined by sophysticated aesthetics coupled with innovative construction methods.

The Venustas Magna is a piston filler fountain pen with a unique design that has been refined to a point where nothing can be added nor subtracted, packing together stunning linear carbon fiber construction and a rare selection of titanium and gold nibs.

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9 reviews for Venvstas Magna Carbon Fountain pen

  1. English

    Herman katz (verified owner)

    Love the aesthetics of this pen! Only star lost I’d because the piston is exposed and really does limit it’s application as pen to carry around. I am limiting it to use as a desk pen. It is pretty.

  2. English

    Ken Rapoza

    This pen has a fascinatingly unique design. The thoughtful combination of lines and materials make this a modern work of art. Functionally, this pen has been great. The plunger filler works well, the titanium Bock nib is soft and springy, but not a flex nib. It has a fair amount of toothy feedback but isn’t scratchy. My preference would actually be for it to be a little smoother, but I still enjoy the tuning as is. My particular pen writes very well with a very generous ink flow.

    However – I have experienced a quality issue. The carbon fiber laminate began peeling off the cap in strips days after I received the pen. However, Joost is working with Venvstas to resolve the issue. I have also noticed some variation in the look/finish of the carbon fiber between the different sections of the pen. There are visible circumferential rings around the barrel – this is a linear carbon fiber, so I would not expect to see that. Maybe it is an artifact from the machining process?

  3. English

    Nauzer Mistry

    This writing instrument is made of excellent materials and is produced with very good build quality. The titanium nib does have some flex but is different than both gold or steel nibs in terms of feedback. The feed complements the nib and I did not have any issues with ink starvation. The issues that do exist result from this pen’s design not fully supporting its functionality. Posting the cap will result in the plunger being depressed. Also, there is no clip with this pen. The designers should have taken these issues into consideration and produced a pen that does not require an owner to change their personal preferences or the purchase of add-on items. Overall, this is a lovely pen but much more thought should have been applied to its functionality and how owners will actually use it.

  4. English

    Paurush Shah

    The carbon fiber looks great and provides a light-weight but high-quality feel. The nib wrote perfectly and was enjoyable to write with. I would love if this pen had a clip, but that’s a minor issue for a fantastic pen.

  5. English

    Angelo Paola

    Smooth writing nib with large ink capacity. Carbon fiber feels great in the hand.
    Was a pleasure dealing with Appelboom

  6. English

    Bill Jones

    I really like the look, feel and quality of construction. I write with a high grip and very shallow angle to the desk top. At that angle I had skipping issues with the Titanium nib. With a loop I noticed a baby’s bottom which with careful “adjusting” the issue was resolved and it has become one of my favorites.

  7. English

    Michael A Goldman

    One of those pens that’s extraordinarily nice to look at. But it’s in my display case because ink flows out just about every orifice EXCEPT the nib.

  8. English


    Thank you for the great service! I like this pen. Its special and the titanium nib offers some flex and line variation. I use a Medium nib and its quite standard as European mediums are. For me, it works well with black inks.

  9. English

    Jürgen Fugger (verified owner)

    This is a very special mixture: A highly sophisticated carbon-body with a titanium nib.
    The architecture of the barrel and grip is a sandwich of a metal inner-body and a carbon-fiber skin.
    The gap between them holds the cap. The gap is also on the other side and provides perfect and smooth posting.
    As you can see on the pictures these dual-layer design forces you into a higher grip.
    If you grip is naturally on the higher side this is the perfect pen for you. The smooth an sleek look,
    closed, opened and posted is fascinating – the first pen where I don’t miss a clip. The writing is very
    smooth with a slightly feedback, the titanium nib allows a little line variation.
    Two draw-backs: first, there is no ink-window.
    Second, the knob from the piston is 3-4 mm pushable when you press you finger on the end of the pen.
    These could cause some inkccident if you playing around with the magna lost in thougt.
    For me no deal-breaker – a special pen, made on another planet.

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