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The TWSBI Eco (short for economical) Black is the least expensive fountain pens that uses the piston filling mechanism. The resin TWSBI Eco fountain pen has clear barrel that shows the mechanism very well. The clear body gives the TWSBI also a different look witht he ink it is filled with. The faceted cap gives the TWSBI Eco a powerful appearence. The TWSBI logo finish the top of the cap.

The TWSBI Eco Fountain pen has a polished stainless steel nib engraved with the TWSBI logo, available in several sizes.

TWSBI fountain pens can be entirely disassembled for the purposes of cleaning and servicing. Instructions and necessary tools are supplied with each TWSBI fountain pen. Please note that the disassembly feature is only there for experienced users and is not necessary for normal use. Disassembly is at your own risk!

With a history of more than 40 years of manufacturing, including producing high-end pens for other brands, Ta Shin Precision decided to start selling under their own brand, TWSBI. The name TWSBI is made up from TWS and BI. ‘TWS’ is the reversed initials of the phrase ‘San Wen Tong’, translated Hall of Three Cultures, and ‘BI’ literally means writing instrument.

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6 reviews for TWSBI Eco Black Fountain pen

  1. English

    Hermilo Robles López (verified owner)

    This is my first TWSBI, with the ECO Transparent Blue, but the is the firs one that I inked and use. I was surprised by this pen, very high quality nib, soft and pretty wet.

  2. English

    Francis Coenen

    Easy filling, writing very soft, not scratchy with fine nib.

  3. English


    I didn’t know what to expect from this pen, heard a lot of praise about it, so I went and ordered one from Appelboom.
    The shipment took longer than expected due to holidays and some other delays, so the wait just made my expectations even higher than before.
    I knew everything is going to be fine once I took it in my hand. I was expecting something plasticky, more on the cheap side, but the material is solid, it feels nice in the hand. The size is good, it fits my large hands, and the medium nib is on the soft spot between F and M. It writes really well. No skipping on cheap paper using various inks. No line variations, pretty stiff, no scratching. A huge ink reserve is a plus for me, a small tube of silicone grease and a tool as well. I love this pen! Affordable, well made, looks great and it’s reliable for everyday use.

  4. English


    When starting out writing with fountain pens, I was recommended to try a TWSBI Eco. A good, affordable piston filler for starters. I liked the pen so much that I needed to add a black TWSBI to my collection. The pen is a reliable pen, with a good size nib. I take it with me everywhere I go! It has a good ink capacity and is not too heavy so perfect for journaling as well as planning. I highly recommend it!

  5. English


    This pen writes lovely. I have the broad nib for drawing

  6. English


    I really love this pen because it’s super easy to clean, never skips and always ready to write. I have this with a Broad nib and I love to fillnit with inks that shade well. For this price I can only reccomend it ????

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