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The TWSBI Diamond 580 Clear is a fountain pen with piston filling system. The TWSBI Diamond 580 is made of polycarbonate, with chrome plated details. The cap is smooth while the barrel is faceted. The TWSBI Diamond 580 Clear fountain pen has clear barrel that shows the mechanism very well. The clear body gives the TWSBI also a different look witht he ink it is filled with. The TWSBI logo finish the top of the cap.

The TWSBI Diamond 580 Fountain pen has a polished stainless steel nib engraved with the TWSBI logo, available in several sizes.

TWSBI fountain pens can be entirely disassembled for the purposes of cleaning and servicing. Instructions and necessary tools are supplied with each TWSBI fountain pen. Please note that the disassembly feature is only there for experienced users and is not necessary for normal use. Disassembly is at your own risk!

With a history of more than 40 years of manufacturing, including producing high-end pens for other brands, Ta Shin Precision decided to start selling under their own brand, TWSBI. The name TWSBI is made up from TWS and BI. ‘TWS’ is the reversed initials of the phrase ‘San Wen Tong’, translated Hall of Three Cultures, and ‘BI’ literally means writing instrument.

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13 reviews for TWSBI Diamond 580 Clear Fountain pen

  1. English

    Lortet Vanessa (verified owner)

    A reliable and functional fountain pen that I take with me everywhere. I chose the fine nib.
    Positive points: the flow is constant and the pen is very easy to clean.
    Negative point: the transparent cap keeps ink traces even after cleaning.
    Conclusion: I am satisfied with my purchase.

  2. English

    Miguel Baltazar (verified owner)

    It’s an amazing pen, given the price point. The nib is buttery soft and never fails. Besides being a “demonstrator” is quite a plus.

  3. English

    Leen Kleijwegt

    Dat TWSBI hele fijne vulpennen maakt, hoef ik niet meer te melden.
    Belangrijk vind ik de (Online) winkel waar ik die heb gekocht:
    Appelboom is werkelijk een prima adres!

  4. English


    Ik ben super blij met deze vulpen in
    Medium. Twsbi is een mooi merk. Verder snel verzonden en mooi ingepakt.

  5. English


    My second Diamond 580 clear! Just love this pen! Affordable, and a smooth writer. Clear, so you can see the ink!

  6. English

    Jamie (verified owner)

    A good quality pen for an affordable price. Ink flow is fine and the nib is very smooth. Really like this pen!

  7. English

    Marek Strnad (verified owner)

    On begining, I wanted the transparent/demonstrator pen. So I came across this pen here at Appelboom and decided to get it. Pen is awesome – fits in my hand perfectly and writes with just right amout of feedback I do like great deal (considering it is fine steel nib). I use it daily at work for making short or medium long notes on crappy paper. It hase nice design -real demonstrator – one can see everything what is happening iniside of the pen. I would recommend this pen to everyone who even starts in fountain pen hobby.
    Also my first purchase at Appelboom was flawles! (nice touch with cookies in Apelbooms package 😉 )
    I am very happy with the purchase!

  8. English

    Crystal Lui (verified owner)

    I thought I liked the ECO and ECO-T a lot already but once I got this Diamond 580, I knew there was no turning back! This pen is so beautiful and writes ever so smoothly. Definitely worth the step up 🙂

  9. English


    It has a cool design, very modern cool looking.
    When buying it, it comes in a box containing a wrench and a bottle of liquid silicon,
    I got myself the medium nib which writes very smooth. I definitely recommend it. Well worth the price.

  10. English

    Jean-Francois VIDAL (verified owner)

    Everything can be loved here: a beautiful look that’s at the same time traditional and modern, a nib that slides on the paper (I tested it on Tomoegawa paper), great materials: it’s a pleasure to use it. I recommend it highly !

  11. English

    yves bollaerts

    Zeer leuke pen om dagelijks te gebruiken. Penpunt is in staal maar geeft een vlotte inktflow en is naar de brede kant. Geeft een fijn schrijfgevoel en is zeer zacht van penpunt.
    Een aanrader voor iedereen die van een klassieke vulpen houdt voor een betaalbare prijs! Ben aangenaam verrast van de kwaliteiten van deze pen ook omdat ik gewend ben om met iets duurdere pennen te schrijven die gebruik maken van gouden penpunten…

  12. English

    Swarnodeep HomRoy

    This is one of the best steel nib I have used, at par with the Franklin Christoph SIG nibs. The build quality is amazing and the piston filling is robust. Possibly the best value for money at the moment.

  13. English

    Daniel Duclos (verified owner)

    The TWSBI Diamond has a cool design, very modern and intriguing. It comes in a box containing a wrench and a bottle of liquid silicon, so it’s a pen that encourages tinkering and disassembling. I got the fine nib that is smooth and writes well – no problems with skipping or hard starting. The only thing I didn’t like so much about the pen is that it is not made to post. You can if you really want it, but then the pen becomes too long and unbalanced. It is, however, long enough it for me to write with it unposted. I liked so much this pen that ended buying another pen from TWSBI just because of the experience with this one, so I definitely recommend it. Well worth the price.

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