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The Traveler’s Company Refill Regular 011 Binder is made to hold up to 5 refills to never lose the toughts written in a Traveler’s Notebook and build a refill library.

In 2006, Midori developed the idea of Traveler’s notebook. Ten years later marks its anniversary and the foundation of Traveler’s Company, a new umbrella company next to Midori that holds the Midori stationery and related to Traveler’s notebook.

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1 review for Traveler’s Company Refill Regular 011 Binder

  1. Alice Lang

    This is the best solution to collect all the Travellers Notebook Calenders and other Inlays with Memories over the years.
    It’s a good quality and I buy it every time the binder is filled again. The system inside is great, you can remove one of the calenders without problems if you want to read it. To me, it’s a “must have” if you’re into “travellers notebook”

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