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The Tools to Liveby (TTLB) ink series has a very recognizable glass bottle. It is handmade by a Taiwanese master, and is designed to emulate vintage French elegance. The special glass tube contains a marble. When you hold the bottle upside down, the top reservoir fills with ink. The glass marble then prevents the ink from flowing back into the bottle. By opening the bottle you can easily fill your pen or dip your brush.

The ink is KWZ iron gall ink from Poland. This type of ink has many layers and gradually becomes darker with age. Also, there’s no need to keep the bottle or the written pages away from the sun, as the ink is resistant to washing and fading. It is especially suitable for use on documents that need long term storage. We do recommend cleaning your fountain pen on a regular basis when using iron gall ink.

Tools to Liveby started out by selling selected stationery and life tools from around Europe, America and Japan. They deliberately chose classic brands that have a long-term history, standing the test of time. Inspired by these durable and beautiful tools, Tools to Liveby gradually starting designing and selling their own products. With these products, they wish to bring practical, high-quality and aestetic lifestyle items for discerning writers who enjoy life and care about small detail in daily life.

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