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Once again, Scribo takes us to the roots of the city of Bologna! Over 500 years ago Ulisse Aldrovandi, a leading figure in modern science who is still considered a reference for contemporary Italian naturalists, was born in Bologna. Many flowers and plants studied and cataloged by Ulisse Aldrovandi can be seen today at the Botanical Garden of Bologna, which he himself founded in 1568 to provide students with a practical tool for cultivating and analyzing the plants treated during the lessons.

Nature never ceases to amaze us and every time we look at it we find a source of inspiration. For the new fountain pens in the La Dotta collection Scribo’s designers were inspired by two wonderful flowers: the Campanula Bononiensis and Ninfea (water lily).

The Campanula Bononiensis is made from a mother-of-pearl and iridescent lilac material, dedicated to the bell-shaped flowers of the campanula, which was given a name linked to the city of Bologna.

The grey/blue with lilac streaks of the Ninfea is inspired by water lilies; aquatic plants with their roots anchored in the earth at the bottom of ponds that suddenly reveal their floating flowers.

Only 219 copies will be made of each colour.

The nib is available in 18 kt gold or a 14 kt flex nib.

The pen fills with a piston filling mechanism.

The Scribo La Dotta is accompanied by a genuine leather and cotton handmade soft pouch that will protect up to two writing instruments. In the side pocket is a cloth to keep your fountain pens clean. A precious and modern packaging to always carry with you your favourite writing instruments.

Scribo is a young Italian brand with a long history behind it. The Scribo project started on the same day the glorious history of Omas, a historic Bolognese company that has become a cult in the world of fountain pens’ collectors, ended. With Scribo, acronym for Scrittura Bolognese, the brand ideally take the baton so that handwriting, as an ancient art retrieval story, can be pursued.

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3 reviews for Scribo La Dotta Campanula Fountain pen

  1. English


    This is another beautiful pen in the La Dotta line by Scribo. I bought it with a 18k broad nib. The color is a subdued purple, an elegant, marbled pattern with a wonderful chattoyance. The body is smooth and comfortable to grip for long sessions of writing. The ink flow is very wet, as is the characteristic of Scribo fountain pens. Even the 18k nib has some give, although not as flexible as the 14k nib. I recommend this pen highly.

  2. English

    John Kim

    The Scribo La Dotta Campanula is a beautiful wine color. The body of the pen is extremely comfortable to grip for long writing sessions. I got the 18k stiffer nib but it still has a good amount of feedback, which is pleasant. The pen write flawlessly with heavy ink flow.

  3. English


    Fountain pens fitting my hand size are typically like Pelikan M600 or Aurora Optima. This Scribo la Dotta is definitely bigger – but still fitting perfectly for my hand! The grip section has perfect ergonomics so that holding the pen and writing are pure pleasure! I chose the 14ct flexible nib which allows both, writing fine lines of constant width and variation that starts already with slight pressure.
    Nib and feed are in perfect balance, allowing to draw well defined lines on not perfect paper and support flexing the nib without railroading. The original Scribo ink is, to my taste, a bit too wet for this pen. My next fill will be with a more dry ink. I rate this nib among the best three in my collection.
    The unique design and the overall size of the pen is a bit out of my preference – I like it small and stealthy. However, the material of the Campanula is of amazing colour with deep reflections. The resin is semi-translucent allowing to see the ink level – that’s great!

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