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The name Royal Paper stands for high quality paper with a special lined structure. The serie is available in white or chamois and consists of A4 blocks – A6 cards – A6 / 5 cards – C6 envelopes – C6 / 5 envelopes – Combi A6 card and C6 envelopes. This is a product of Rössler Paper from Germany and was designed by the famous “Grüne Punkt ‘. All envelopes from the Royal Paper serie are conducted, white has a blue lining and chamois a green. All the paper is suitable for copy, laser and inkjet. The A4 paper is made of 100 grams and all the cards in 220 grams.

Rössler is a family business, Rössler Papier has built a highly skilled team who works closely together to ensure that the best products are developed and delivered with the highest level of customer service. Peter Rössler II has run the company for the past 30 years, after taking over for his father who originally founded the business. Rössler Papier develops and manufactures fine stationery for each of these markets, reflecting the various cultural requirements.

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3 reviews for Rössler Papier Paper Royal White A4 Block 100gr. per 40 Sheets

  1. Robert den Hartog de Wilde

    Prachtig papier van hoge kwaliteit. Het absorbeert inkt op een egale en niet gretige wijze. Zeer geschikt voor gebruik met printer, schrijfmachine en (vul)pen.

  2. Anonymous

    This A4 block paper is excellent. There is no bleed through or feathering whether using a flex nib, 3.8 stub or round nib. The paper comes with a thoughtful line rule guide that can be placed under the paper. What is especially nice is that each side of the paper is different. One side is raised and slightly embossed while the other side is a smooth satin feel. Various nibs will write slightly differently depending on which side used. Both sides perform equally well as to feathering and bleed through which are non existent. Highly recommend.

  3. frits boer

    Not the smooth Rhodia / Clairefontaine style of paper. Performed very well with a variety of Fine and Medium nibs. Slightly higher but certainly not objectionable feedback . No feathering or bleed through even with wet inks and nibs (e.g. Lamy) The faint surface corrugations and the just visible off white ( greyish?) tinge make for a very handsome combination. I think that it is probably my favourite correspondence paper. (see comment in the Chamois edition.)

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