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Robert Oster Signature inks are known for their unique colours. The fountain pen inks have a certain something. The jottings will become creative expressions. The Robert Oster Signature ink is available in 92 vibrant colours in recyclable plastic bottles of 50ml.

The Robert Oster Signature range of fountain pen inks are inspired by the Australian natural environment. The inks are manufactured in Australia and are non-toxic. Ideal for writing and calligraphy with a palette of vibrant and intense colours.

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27 reviews for Robert Oster Signature Ink – Ink Bottles (92 colors)

  1. English


    These inks are always incredibly well-behaved and come in unique colours that I haven’t seen from other brands (especially the Shake ‘n’ Shimmy collection). I only wish they came in glass bottles, but that’s a minor complaint

  2. English

    Stefan Heeren

    Tested with Pilot Capless ‘B’, Clairefontaine 90 GSM paper.

    This is my first Robert Oster ink. Summer Sky is a light blue color that is comparable to, for example, Pilot Kon-Peki or Akkerman Passage Blue. This ink is not particularly dry or wet and has quite a bit of shading.

  3. English

    Arno Jacobs

    I have some blue black in my ink collection that are all great inks, but they don’t have the right colour I was lookin for. At the Appelboom shop in Laren I browsed through a binder full of colour examples. I decided to go for a bottle of Robert Oster Midnight Sapphire. Lucky for me they had it in stock.

    The ink is now in a pen with a broad nib. It flows well and the pen is writing very smoothly with it. On average, depending on paper it has medium shading.

    Some might call it more of a dark blue than a blue black. It does depend on the paper but it’s a blue black on (white) Oxford paper and fountain pen friendly printer paper. In some cheap notebooks the pen writes wetter and the it becomes more of a dark blue.

    What I like is when there is decent shading. The dark parts become dark blue and the lighter parts medium blue black.

  4. English

    Niraj (verified owner)


    I have been wanting this color for awhile. Finally pulled the trigger. I do enjoy it when laid on heavy which gives it a wonderful red sheen. I would avoid this on any nib below Medium. I don’ t think you would get the same experience. I was using the Galen Leather Everyday Notebook with the original Tomoe River paper.

  5. English

    Jean-Pierre Schepens (verified owner)

    My blue of blues.
    Although I’ve got quite a large collection of blue inks, this one is my favourite.
    An awesome cerulean blue with great shading properties and very well behaved on top. A must-add to any ink collection as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

  6. English

    Konstantin Ratushnyak (verified owner)

    Excellent quality ink! The colors are exactly as shown in the preview. I will definitely buy more.

  7. English


    This is a wonderful ink, great colour, Nice flow, no hard starts in any fountain pen. Recommended!

  8. English

    Jet Jonker (verified owner)

    Love the colour! It’s the exact shade I was looking for. The packaging is sturdy, and because it’s not a glass bottle it’s very light.

  9. English

    Rebecca Lapiner (verified owner)

    I like the Robert Oster inks.
    They flow well and the colors are unique.

  10. English

    Barry (verified owner)

    I was looking for a very dark green ink for a long time one that was dark enough that it wouldn’t look out of place in a business setting and bright enough that it was not just black with a name reminiscent of some other colour that may have been added in small amounts.

    Enter RO “Green at Night” it is exactly the colour I have been looking for a green to petrol blue that goes down noce and dark but when you see it it makes you question the colour. Perfect.

    The ink flows well and I would consider it to be a thin “watery” ink. This is not a bad thing at all. Even in one of my high flowing Italian pens this works a treat.

    The water resistance is not good and if you are writing something that has a possibility of getting wet it will not hold up – not that many fountain pen inks will so not to dissimilar to most – other than that it is a near perfect ink and I will be adding several more to my collection as well as stocking up on my new signature colour.

  11. English

    Rheza Leo (verified owner)

    Beautiful ink. Well lubricated with subtle sheen creating halo effect.

  12. English

    Katja Engelkamp

    The ink of my choice was not available, so Joost choose another color for me. He did a great job with that. I love the RO inks, bright, vibrant colors, great flow, very useful bottles and not unimportant: the name of the ink is on the top of the cap, so I don’t have to take all my bottles out to find the one I’m looking for. I wish all the brands did that! This turquoise is on the teal-side of the spectrum and perfectly fit with my Wahl Eversharp Signature in Jade. That is the same material as the Leonardo Furore Grande Smeraldo is made of, so that would be a perfect match too!

  13. English


    Great ink, special colour!

  14. English

    Florence B.

    I asked Appelboom to choose a color for me, cause the one I wanted wasn’t available.
    I received Pinky and Morning Mist, and it was a very good choice for me ! I like them both. Appelboom has a really nice team, thank you so much ! 🙂

  15. English


    Handige fles, prachtige kleuren en schrijft goed. Is dan ook wat duurder dan een flesje Diamine. Jammer dat niet alle inkt van RO te krijgen is in Nederland! Zo had ik bijvoorbeeld graag de Shake’n’Shimmy lijn kunnen bestellen.

  16. English

    Helmar Franke (verified owner)

    Niet mijn eerste RO inkt en ook zeker niet mijn laatste. Zelfs voor mij als linkshandige een fijne inkt met een prachtige tint blauw.
    De fles is stevig.

    Een pen die gevuld was met deze inkt laat zich eenvoudig reinigen.

  17. English

    Crescencio (verified owner)

    RO: Velvet Crush

    I bought this ink thinking it would be a good mimic to Lamy’s Dark Lilac. While close, not close enough in my opinion. You need good paper (rhodia, tomoe river, etc) to get this color. At the same time, it may get closer to that effect if it reduces/evaporates. Since this is a purple color, it may have flow issues for some people. You can solve this by adding a drop of dawn/liquid dish soap.

  18. English

    Crescencio Altamirano (verified owner)

    RO Grey Seas: This ink is a light Greyish Blue color. This ink in my experience does represent itself better in broader nibs as most do, or at least those with better flow back (too much and you get away from the Greyish Blue color). I have not had any flow issues with his ink yet. The photos you can find online for this ink are a pretty good

  19. English


    I love Robert Oster inks. Well-behaved ink and nice to write with, but it’s also fun to make art with them. If you think Summer Storm and Graphite are grey and black, add the ink to a wet surface and you’ll be surprised by the colours appearing.
    Of course the service by Appelboom was also good, as always.

  20. English

    Tjeerd Bruinsma

    Mooie blauwe inkt die varieert van azuurblauw tot nachtblauw.
    Geeft een luxe uitstraling aan je vulpenhandschrift.
    Wel een wat dikkere inkt

  21. English

    KyungWon Lee

    I bought the ink green green. The color is same as monitor. It is smooth and well writing.

  22. English


    I now own several Robert Oster inks, including Fire & Ice, Fire on the Lake, and Australian Sky Blue. All are very vibrant colors yet easy to clean.

  23. English

    Leno (verified owner)

    I only own the Fire & Ice ink.
    This ink flows very well, and have a decent shading in red which is pretty good under the sun.
    It’s price could be better, but in general is a really good ink.

  24. English


    I now own three inks from Oster: Grün-Schwarz, Burgundy and Fire+Ice. Each has a character of its own, that I am very fond of. It flows smooth and leaves lovely shades and the occasional sheen as well (I use them mainly to write, so I am mainly using them in fountain pens). Find your favorite color and go for it. I did and I am happy with them.

  25. English

    Barbara (verified owner)

    I was so excited when I saw that Appelboom carries the Robert Oster inks. Gold Antiqua is a phenomenal color, the variation and saturation are amazing! Won’t remain the only color in my collection for sure!

  26. English

    Suzanne (verified owner)

    Ik heb verschillende inkten van Robert Oster geprobeerd, en Tranquility is mijn grote favoriet! De kleur is helder groen(blauw), met meer groen dan blauw. Het kleurverloop van de inkt en de helderrode "sheen" geven veel diepte. Echt een inkt om blij van te worden!

  27. English

    Gerald Ruiter (verified owner)

    Ik heb inmiddels meerdere potjes met verschillende kleuren in bezit. Afhankelijk van het soort papier en de dikte van de penpunt geeft deze inkt een prachtige “shimmering and sheen”. Mijn favorieten zijn Tranquility en Fire and Ice. Aanrader en snel geleverd door Appelboom.

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