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    Platinum Pen launch a new fountain pen “Procyon”. Named after the brightest star in the constellation of Canis Minor, the pen employs the “Slip & Seal Mechanism ” that provides a smooth writing experience at any time. The body, made with aluminum that offers the best weight balance and the pentagon-shaped pen nib stimulate the pleasure of writing, while the special coating that blends in well with the skin color as well as the lineup of vivid colors stimulate the pleasure of owning the pen.

    The pen uses the Platinum ink cartridges, but with the special Ink Cartridge Adapter it is also possible to use the Standard International ink cartridges.

    Equipped with the Slip & Seal Mechanism that offers a smooth writing experience at any time

    The Slip & Seal Mechanism, which is one of the main features of our representative #3776 CENTURY fountain pen models, is also employed for PROCYON. This Platinum Pen’ s unique mechanism enabled a pen with a screw-type cap to offer complete airtightness using the inner cap. It provides smooth writing with fresh ink at any time. 

    The main body and the inner cap tightly cohere to each other as you close the cap. The inner cap moves toward the end when the main body rotates while the spring holds the inner cap fast to maintain a complete airtightness.

    Equipped with a newly-designed feeder for easier ink absorption

    There is no need to dip the pen up to its gripping section into the ink when drawing ink using a converter. The newly- designed feeder of PROCYON fountain pen lets you draw enough ink only by dipping the nib up to its end. In this way, it made it easier to draw ink even when only a small amount of ink is left in the bottle.

    The pentagon-shaped large nib that offers a superb resiliency and flexibility

    In 1962, Platinum Pen launched Japan’ s first fountain pen that employed a pentagon-shaped gold nib. The same production knowhow for such a pen nib is also applied in the PROCYON fountain pen. Its resiliency realizes a writing feel similar to that of a gold nib in spite of being made with stainless steel.

    In 1919, Shunichi Nakata, started his fountain pen business that would later be known as “Platinum Fountain Pen Co.”. The Japanese brand is closely related to the legendary Nakaya fountain pen brand, where some of the finest fountain pens in the world are created. This expertise also goes into Platinum’s own line of fine writing instruments


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    4 reviews for Platinum Procyon Deep Sea Fountain pen

    1. Ferdinand Daguinsin (verified owner)

      I always like Platinum pens..but when I bought the Procyon (in teal – fin nib) it felt like it very comfortable and natural. The coating on the pen makes it very nice to touch and the step down is very enjoyable. The color is a mat finish thus makes it very usable in a professional environment. The Procyon writes very well.. its smooth and has a bit of "nice" feedback. I would recommend this pen for an everyday use.

    2. Miguel Marques (verified owner)

      An exceptional fountain pen, a fine price, and with a nib that outperforms a lot of 14k ones.
      Beautiful color (deep sea), smooth nib.
      A barrel a little short for my writing.

    3. Jacek Brzeziński (verified owner)

      Extremely smooth nib, very good pen.

    4. Louis van der Tol (verified owner)

      Prachtige pen die heerlijk schrijft.
      Verzending was ook uitstekend verzorgt.

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