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Since its launch in 2007, the Platinum Preppy fountain pen has enjoyed its reputation as a wonderful fountain pen with real fountain pen writing despite its low price point. It’s easy to use, has a cool look, and comes in a variety of colors and nib sizes. The beauty of the sturdy stainless steel nib is brought out by polishing.

The pen won’t dry out even if the cartridge is installed for one year, due to Platinum’s “Slip Seal” cap mechanism. You can experience smooth writing from the start. Its sturdy stainless steel nib and ability to keep refilling will allow you to keep the pen for a long time. The pen uses the Platinum ink cartridges, but with the special Ink Cartridge Adapter it is also possible to use the Standard International ink cartridges.

In 1919, Shunichi Nakata, started his fountain pen business that would later be known as “Platinum Fountain Pen Co.”. The Japanese brand is closely related to the legendary Nakaya fountain pen brand, where some of the finest fountain pens in the world are created. This expertise also goes into Platinum’s own line of fine writing instruments.

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5 reviews for Platinum Preppy Blue Fountain pen

  1. Stephen W.

    The Preppy is a good pen, especially for the price. Its steel nib is stiff, yet smooth. The pen is refillable and you can use your favourite ink in a converter. With the slip and seal cap, that ink will stay fresh while you ignore the Preppy in favor of your fancier pens. It’s a good enough pen, especially for the price, but that’s not why you need one.

    You need one because they’re cheap enough that you won’t care if anything happens to it. Let it rush into situations where your Visconti wouldn’t dare tread.

    Your coworker asks to borrow a pen? BOOM! Here you go.
    You need a decoy pen for the cat to mess with instead of your Leonardo? BAM! Play with this instead.
    Want to try a dodgy ink? POW. Do your worst.

    Get one. Get many. They come in a variety of colours and nib sizes. You won’t regret having one (or 10!) in your collection.

  2. Claudio Bardelle (verified owner)

    The preppy in a very versatile yet underrated pen, it can well be part of your daily carry as it writes really well and what it lack in style and maybe durability in the long run is amply made up for by its affordability.
    It’s a perfect pen for beginners wishing to experiment with various filling methods, the pen can be eyedropper filler (remember to use an O-ring + silicon grease to prevent leakage), it accepts Platinum cartridges as well as standard international ones (such as Pelikan) with the use of an inexpensive adapter.
    The Preppy fits the standard Platinum converter so those may be used too. I guess you could even try a standard international converter on top of the cartridge adapter but I haven’t tried personally.
    I have the EF(02), F(03) and M(05) nibs, having a bunch of these pens is also great for trying out different inks. A highly recommended pen, last but not least thumbs up to the perfect shopping experience at Appelboom’s, from browsing the site to parcel delivery.

  3. Ole Jonny Magerøy

    I am a new user of fountain pens. Bought this to test the nib, im left handed and had no issues about using this pen. The ink dries quickly, and no drag wirh my hand.

  4. Nick (verified owner)

    The perfect EDC pen due to its:
    – price: won’t blink an eye if it gets lost or lend it to a co-worker
    – nib: EF nib writes really fine, you’ll have to decide for yourself
    – ink: the blue-black ink is surprisingly very water-resistent, reminds me of Iron Gall
    – seal: the nib won’t dry out if you keep the pen capped for a long time.

  5. Davor Škiljan (verified owner)

    The Platinum Preppy is a fantastic pen with a biblically affordable price. I bought mine with the extra fine nib. Keep in mind this is a japanese extra fine, so it’s even finer than your average non japanese pen. Despite it being as thin as a needle, it writes smoother than I ever expected. It does however use proprietary cartridges which is something to consider when buying the pen. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for the finest nibs, with a price like this it’s a no brainer. Very happy with it indeed.

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