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Shunichi Nakata, the founder of Platinum Pen, launched the Izumo fountain pens in 2010 with the help of local craftsmen and the cooperation of officials from Izumo City in Shimane Prefecture. The name was chosen to acknowledge the birthplace of the founder.

Izumo-no-kuni is an area known for its production of high quality “washi (Japanese paper)” and so writing has always been appreciated by the local people.  Professional craftsmanship can be found throughout the “Izumo series,” which continues to be made from carefully selected materials. The brand has also been designated as one of the “Izumo brands” recognized by Izumo City. Izumo pens are hand-made from ebonite and this pen is then given by hand a finish of Urushi lacquer which results in a rich and deep finish. The green colour will become even richer over time.

The fountain pen has an 18kt gold nib and uses a Platinum converter or Platinum ink cartridges, but with the special Ink Cartridge Adapter it is also possible to use the Standard International ink cartridges.

In 1919, Shunichi Nakata, started his fountain pen business that would later be known as “Platinum Fountain Pen Co.”. The Japanese brand is closely related to the legendary Nakaya fountain pen brand, where some of the finest fountain pens in the world are created. This expertise also goes into Platinum’s own line of fine writing instruments.

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1 review for Platinum Izumo Soratame Fountain pen


    I have been pleasently surprised with how much I’m loving this pen.
    My thoughts were that this pen would not really compete with my Namiki or Sailor pens but I have decided to use this Platinum as my daily pen.
    The feedback from the nib is just right and the whole aesthetics of the urushi and ebonite body of this pen is so appealing.
    I recommend the Platinum Izumo unreservedly.

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