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The Pineider Leather Green Pen Pouch Double is made to house luxury writing instruments in a luxurious way. The Pineider sleek hard leather pen pouches are completed with a soft velvet interior to make sure the pens are never at risk of scratches or dents.To make sure the pouch is closed securely, there is a magnetic closing system. Besides the securtiy of closing securely, this is also a convenient way of accessing the pouch at any moment. The pen pouches are made in Italy and the classic shape of the pen pouch ensure the highest quality protection.

Since 1774, Pineider represents the Excellence for handmade products in terms of paper, writing instruments and leather goods. The brand’s prestige, marked by an exclusive as much as exceptional heritage, has accompanied traditions, events and trends regarding not only the Italian and European history, but it has also related to each of our personal stories, always keeping a careful look upon contemporaneity and continuously willing to bring innovation.

Artisanal savoir-faire, uniqueness, tradition and design are the historical values that make Pineider an exclusive brand worldwide.

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2 reviews for Pineider Leather Green Pen Pouch Double

  1. English


    Great product, very nice quality leather from Pineider. I was looking for something different then the (also amazing) black Visconti pen cases.
    I choose the deep green colour, which is dark green, smooth quality leather, that has an amazing look.
    It is a hard case, protects the pens very well, and the magnet closing system is strong and convienient.
    I would recommend this pen case, it is expensive, has a luxourus feel and touch but is worth the price, since it will last for many years.
    The inside protects the pens with felt, each pen is protected in its own slot, and won’t be damaged by scratches or dents.
    It will also fit big pens, like the Visconti Lava.

  2. English

    Siva Goda

    I ordered for Green but since I was informed that the stock of the said Color was not available. Promptly informed me the same and I told that blue would be fine for me.
    Great Pen Pouch. Good finish and an elegant look. Pen would be safely seated in the slots provided. I bought a double Pen Pouch.
    The only concern I have and feed back I wanted to give is that since there is no band or ring to hold the pen tightly, smaller pens would be rattling in the Pouch. Further there is a possibility of the pens blurping ink in view of the movement possible.
    Lastly, the opening of the cover is positioned a bit inconveniently for small pens. I bought it for carrying my Sheaffer Tuckaway and it is not good for such pens.
    Overall product is too good but with the above concerns. 5 star for the quality and build. But I can give only 4 star for utility at any rate for the purpose I brought does not seem to be a 5 star product.

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