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After revolutionising the world of writing with the Pineider Avatar UR, which has resolved the problem of accidental breakage once and for all with a material instantly conjuring up an image of celluloid, Pineider now proudly presents the transparent version which uses an even more advanced formula of UltraResin. Transparent pens were known as “demonstrators” in the 1920s because they were used to illustrate the pen’s internal mechanism from salesmen to pen dealers. Manufacturing transparent pens is costly because it is fairly difficult to polish a pen on the inside, so even the smallest flaw tends to be visible.

Transparency allows one not only to see the pen’s mechanism but also to monitor its ink level. Pineider has fitted all the Avatar Demonstrator pens with a simple “word gauge” that allows you to monitor the ink level and thus avoid being left… high and dry! Ink level, or word gauge, is a level indicator that’s fairly easy to install in a converter, but the tricky part has been making roller and ballpoint refills in transparent plastic and gel ink equipped with an ink level; in fact, they are unique and unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Another innovation that Pineider is introducing with its Avatar UR Demonstrator line is the comfort grip section lined in soft rubber that offers an extremely comfortable grip, making writing a relaxing and pleasant pass time. Comfort grip can easily be replaced and, aside from anything else, it imparts a soft effect to the pen’s magnetic closure.

Like the virtual world, “Avatar” stands for the alter ego. This Italian pen collection from Pineider aims to be the writer’s extension of themselves. Whether you ghost write under a pseudonym or bare yourself to all in your words, the hope is that this pen will be the vehicle that manifests your creativity on paper.

The Pineider Avatar fountain pen has a stainless steel nib and uses an ink cartridge or a converter.

Since 1774, Pineider represents the Excellence for handmade products in terms of paper, writing instruments and leather goods. The brand’s prestige, marked by an exclusive as much as exceptional heritage, has accompanied traditions, events and trends regarding not only the Italian and European history, but it has also related to each of our personal stories, always keeping a careful look upon contemporaneity and continuously willing to bring innovation.

Artisanal savoir-faire, uniqueness, tradition and design are the historical values that make Pineider an exclusive brand worldwide.

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1 review for Pineider Avatar UltraResin Demonstrator Amber Fountain pen

  1. English

    Iñaki Diez

    It’s quite long and it has a good weight, so it’s very pleasant to write with it. Way too long if posted.
    I’ve got it with F nib, but it’s more similar to my other M. It doesn’t bother me but if you like to write fine lines maybe is a bit too wide.
    Ink flows perfect, and I love the detail in the converter about “ink level”, wich is useful because it’s a demostrator pen.
    The magnetic cap it’s a point, but if you only trust the magnet, it stays a bit loose or wiggling, although I dont think it will came off by accident.
    As is made of resin you feel it “warm” in your hand, and the rubber section makes it softer for longer use.
    Nice pen afterall.

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