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Iroshizuku is a line of luxurious inks created by Pilot to reflect the beautiful natural scenery of Japan. The gorgeous shades will fill each fountain pen with bold, beautiful and vivid colors. The Iroshizuku bottles contain 50ml of high quality ink.

The first Pilot pens were launched in Japan in 1918. At this time, the country was opening up to Western influences and was importing European techniques. By listening to their customers, Pilot’s research has enabled them to create new standards in terms of comfort and innovative products.

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13 reviews for Pilot Iroshizuku Ink – Ink Bottles (24 colors)

  1. Alvin   (verified owner)

    The ink colour (Asa Gao) is a very bright blue colour. The blue colour is bold and is very suitable for hand writing notes at work. The Iroshizuku inks work very well with pens from Japanese manufacturers: Pilot/Sailor/Platinum. Flow is great and should perform well all fountain pens. The glass bottle is solid and has a useful dip at the bottom to assist with extraction of ink when the volume ink the bottle is low. You can’t go wrong with the Iroshizuku inks.

  2. Khaled

    This ink became my number one choice now. Beside the amazing color selection the flow of the ink is great. I previously had a hard start issue with my Montblanc 149 &146 when using Montblanc ink. This ink improved this issue significantly. Also the beautiful bottle design is looking great setting on my disk which adds to the ritual of filling my ink which is part of the whole experience of using a fountain pen.

  3. Stefanos

    I got this ink for a stub nib. It is a light color blue, similar to the light blue sky. This is definitely a light color, although it is a solid blue without any green in it. It might be too light with a fine or even medium nib. Shading is good, although I experienced some feathering even on Rhodia R paper. A nice ink for the summer! Iroshizuku inks are some of the best in terms of colors, however, they aren’t waterproof.

  4. Theo

    Ordered ink, which arrived promptly and well packaged. Even gift wrapped, the personal touch. Also been in their shop. Staff are friendly and helpful. Great range of products. The ink we ordered was good, although darker than expected. Pilot inks seem to work the best in my fussy flex pen. Highly recommend this ink

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Twee potjes gekocht. Een mooie grijs en een mooie groen/blauw. Deze laatste Syo Ro, is heel erg fraai. Als je schrijft is de inkt meer blauw en bij het opdrogen komt er meer groen in.
    Ik heb hem momenteel in mijn Pelikan M1000 en ik ben er zeer content mee. Behoorlijk nat, maar daar hou ik wel van.

  6. Laura (verified owner)

    Quit wet flowing ink. Brilliant purple colour. Instant favourite.

  7. Pawel Wy (verified owner)

    Great flow, great color and nice inkwell. What more do you need? I’m very happy with yama budo color. Only negative side is the price.

  8. Hendrik Steenhuis

    I received a beautifully wrapped bottle of this ink as a gift, which was purchased at Appelboom. I have not used this ink before. This ink in the color kon-peki writes very pleasantly, is quite wet and dries nicely. I am definitely going to use other colors of Iroshizuku ink.

  9. Etienne NINITTE (verified owner)

    The only ink for a japanese pen (and other pens) – great choice of other colors

  10. Ursula Dodge

    This ink is a luxurious experience. The packaging and the weight of the bottle is very beautiful. It feels ceremonial to refill my pen. The ink flows beautifully in my new Visconti, the pigment is very even, there are none of those mottled lines that fade in and out from too faint to puddled…completely even from beginning to end. The color is amazing, really beautiful, a bit more pink than I could tell from samples on my monitor but this was a welcome surprise. It’s a red/orange/pink color. I would definitely order more colors from the Iroshizuku line. A very high quality product.

  11. Etienne NINITTE (verified owner)

    Beautiful “momiji” shiny red ink. Perfect for Pilot pens or others.

  12. Vivian

    Ik ben super blij met deze inkt! Ik heb de kleur chiku-rin besteld en het is een hele mooie licht felgroene kleur, tijdens het schrijven is er ook een mooie variatie van licht en donker. Het is gewoon heel leuk om met deze inkt te schrijven 🙂

  13. Arno Jacobs (verified owner)

    Probably a bit unusual, for personal reasons only I bought this ink because of its name “Kosumosu”. Blue and green are my colours of choice when I ink-up my pens.
    This is my first pink. It’s a good pure pink, very good readable and very pleasant on more chamois cream coloured paper. (Tested with a medium nib.)
    I was pleasantly surprised by the soft colour and decent saturation.

    Chiku Rin is a bright and light shade of green and sometimes looks yellow when the ink is still wet. Because of its colour and medium saturation I prefer to use white paper with this ink for easy readability. I love that it’s a more wet ink.

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