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The Pilot Heritage 92 Fountain pen is transparent or coloured transparent. 

The Pilot Heritage 92 fountain pen has a 14-carat gold plated nib and has a piston filling system. 


The first Pilot pens were launched in Japan in 1918. At this time, the country was opening up to Western influences and was importing European techniques. By listening to their customers, Pilot’s research has enabled them to create new standards in terms of comfort and innovative products.




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1 review for Pilot Heritage 92 Transparent Fountain pen

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    Sergio Baptista (verified owner)

    When reviewing Japanese Fountain Pens one thing that comes to mind, is its nib. Japanese made nibs are special. I also have a Sailor Realo 1911 pen with a medium nib which is extremely smooth, maybe too smooth… It is an excellent pen.
    This Pilot Heritage 92 is my first Pilot pen and i ordered with F nib. It has been checked by Appelboom nib master Anabelle Hiller. It writes PERFECTLY! It is very smooth, but has enough feedback/drag to avoid irregular writing with my shaky hands.
    I am very happy with this purchase and this pen has become my favorite fountain pen in a very short time! Highly recommended!

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