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The Pilot Custom 74 is a very popular choice for people looking to buy their first gold nib fountain pen. The pen is not only stylish, it also offers a superb writing experience. 

The Pilot Custom 74 fountain pen has a 14-karat gold nib and uses Pilot’s cartridge/converter filling system. 

The first Pilot pens were launched in Japan in 1918. At this time, the country was opening up to Western influences and was importing European techniques. Over the years, Pilot has developed into one of the leading fountain pen brands. By listening to their customers, Pilot’s research has enabled them to create new standards in terms of comfort and innovative products.




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4 reviews for Pilot Custom 74 Black Smoke Fountain pen

  1. English

    Geert Thielemans

    Wat een soepel en boterzacht schrijvende pen die aangenaam in de hand ligt! Het design is misschien niet revolutionair, maar dat heeft dan weer als voordeel dat de pen “under the radar” blijft. Ze heeft een gouden nib, wat je ook merkt aan de prijs, maar wat je terugkrijgt is louter schrijfplezier van een onvervalst werkpaard! Voor mij een aanrader, zelfs als het niet je eerste-gouden -penpunt-pen is.

  2. English

    Ellankavi Ramasamy (verified owner)

    I ordered the fine nib, and opted to have the nib tuned before shipment.

    – Weight: I prefer light pens, and this is light, being made of plastic.
    – Line width: I like fine nibs, and this pen did not disappoint me.
    – Comfort: I found the pen easy to hold and write with.
    – Feel: This gold nib is fun to write with, like all Pilot nibs. Only a hint of feedback was felt (on a Rhodia 80gsm).

    Design: I am not entirely sure how durable the plastic body is. I am afraid that after a few years, the threads in the body will develop fine cracks.

    Cost: I do feel that the bulk of the money goes towards the nib, since the pen has negligible design wow-factor. 150€ for the nib is expensive.

    Cleaning: I am not sure how I might be able to completely flush out the old ink that might be deposited in the nib housing.

    Conclusion: I would recommend this pen to someone who wants to experience the gold nibs from Pilot. Enjoy!

  3. English

    Levente Szinvai (verified owner)

    Received the pen with Fine nib a month ago. The most outstanding feature is the smoothness of the nib despite the thin Japanese fine lines. This is a compliment on both Pilot nibs and the tuning and smoothing service. It is not going to be the prettiest pen in your collection, but as workhorse pen it does a perfect job. Great value for the price and it is always a pleasure to order from Appelboom.

  4. English

    Carlo Jerome Ng (verified owner)

    This is an outstandingly good pen. Classic yet distinctive, it has become my new daily writer. The broad nib offers a consistent, wet line even with relatively dry ink.
    Outstanding offer and fast shipping. Highly recommended !

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