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A resolutely modern writing instrument, the Capless pen is currently the only retractable fountain pen in the world. The seal is provided by a minuscule metal shutter which is as discreet as it is reliable.

The Capless’ barrel contains a mechanism of rare precision, which allows the nib to retract into the barrel when not in use.…

The Pilot Capless Fountain pen has an 18kt gold nib and uses a cartridge/converter filling system.


The first Pilot pens were launched in Japan in 1918. At this time, the country was opening up to Western influences and was importing European techniques. By listening to their customers, Pilot’s research has enabled them to create new standards in terms of comfort and innovative products.

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6 reviews for Pilot Capless Matte Black Fountain pen

  1. Jip van Kuijk (verified owner)

    The cap less design is interesting and well worked out. The nib writes very smooth and is a joy to write with. A great daily writer for sure.

  2. Patrick (verified owner)

    Due to its metal construction this pen is sturdy enough for me to carry around everywhere.

    I have ordered an EF with the tune & smooth option and I really love how this pen writes! One of my favorites in my collection!

    Thank you Appelboom!

  3. Carlos Pires

    Apesar da compra ter sido por impulso e nunca ter visto a caneta, não me arrependo de a ter adquirido.
    Existe pessoas que dizem que o clip as atrapalha, mas não acho até serve como orientador da posição do aparo.
    A escrita é muito suave (tenho o aparo fino) e parece que desliza sobre o papel, de vez em quando parece que estou a escrever com um aparo médio devido à quantidade de tinta que o aparo deita.
    É uma bela peça de engenharia japonesa.

  4. Carlein

    De Capless is voor mij de meest handige vulpen voor werk. De mat-zwarte finish is prachtig.
    Jammer dat de gevraagde tuning niet, of slecht is uitgevoerd. De stub nib piept en skipt tijdens het schrijven.

  5. Daniel (verified owner)

    – I really like the stealthy black matte design of the pen.
    – Other people will probably not recognize that you are writing with a fountain pen, because the operation is the same as with a ballpoint pen, the nib is very small and the design is totally black.
    – It only takes a fast click to make the pen ready to write.
    – There is no need to unscrew a cap. You do not need to think about where to place the cap.
    – The nib as a nice degree of bounce, although it is very small.
    – We ordered a “F” nib which writes very small, which fits my wife’s small handwriting.
    – Solid click mechanism and overall operation.

    – The converter seems to be a bit small. Maybe in the future it is better to use a Pilot cartridge and syringe-fill it.
    – To fill the pen, you need to unscrew it and fill only the nib unit with a cartridge or from a bottle and then place it back into the pen afterwards.

  6. Deniz (verified owner)

    Wonderful, sleek looking pen that writes like a dream. Very happy with my purchase.

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