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The Phoenix Lacquer Art Ornaments series honours the most beautiful creatures.

The Golden Dragons edition has a blue base decorated with multiple dragons in gold leaf. The Dragon is a symbol for power, wisdom, strength and hidden knowledge, but is also part of the Chinese Zodiac. If you are born in 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 or 2012 you are born in the year of the Dragon. While 2024 will be the next year of the Dragon.

The bodies of the Phoenix Lacquer Art pens are made from resin by Visconti in Florence. After that the clean black bodies are sent to Russia where the artists of Phoenix Lacquer Art have the complete freedom to decorate it with (egg)tempera, gold leaf and lacquer. The fountain pens also use the Power Filler mechanism which is an invention of Dante del Vechhio, former CEO and founder of Visconti. The fountain pens have a 18kt gold duotone Medium nib with ebonite feed. The nibs are made by Peter Bock in Heidelberg, Germany.  If you are not into writing with a fountain pen, a spare rollerball forepart can be purchased as an extra option.

Phoenix makes beautiful art works on writing instruments in the style of the Russian lacquer and miniature art, which is a tradition that dates back for centuries. The striking images that are created by the artisans are done because of their passion for this art style. There is something miraculous about the birth of a precious object of art. It all starts with a thought, an idea and the artist gives the most perfect expression to this inspiration.

All the art works on the Phoenix pens are handmade, crafted with expert skill in limited editions of sometimes only one, by only the greatest Russian artists. It takes over six to eight weeks to paint a single pen and is very insensitive for the artist. A Phoenix writing instrument is more than just a writing instrument, it is a piece of art, a lifetime gift, delivering exceptional writing pleasure.

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