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A vast collection of historical Pelikan advertising posters from the avant-garde, art nouveau and new objectivity eras takes on a new form here and now: with the unique special edition, the Pelikan Souverän M600 Art Collection Glauco Cambon. The exhibits of the advertising posters represent the treasury of the Pelikan Art Collection. It is time to share this historical treasure from the Pelikan Archive with the world: our unique Special Edition pays homage to the poster art of great painters and graphic designers of the avant-garde. Through the newly interpreted motif on the fountain pen, a piece of Pelikan’s history becomes a work of art itself. The symbiosis of art and commerce began around 1900 and opens a new chapter in art history: the so-called advertising art. On intricately designed posters, branded products have been staged ever since. Great painters and graphic designers of the avant-garde, such as El Lissitzky or Kurt Schwitters, create product advertisements using Pelikan colors for the first time. The resulting treasure of impressive posters and posters from the years 1900 to 1950 represents a remarkable piece of Pelikan’s history. Fritz Beindorff, the former owner of the Pelikan company and a passionate art collector, is one of the first industrialists to seek collaboration with artists. Already in 1898/99, the art patron initiated the first poster competition.

The new special edition, named after the renowned poster artist Glauco Cambon, brings the art collection to life. A piece of Pelikan’s history finds its way into the hearts and hands of collectors and enthusiasts of Pelikan writing instruments through the Art Collection, thus creating genuine passion stemming from a profound understanding of the brand’s artistic heritage. A small detail from a grand artwork: The colorful reflections in the water caused by the movement of pelicans inspired the flowing, dynamic wave design for the Special Edition Souverän M600 Pelikan Art Collection Glauco Cambon.
Italian painter and graphic designer Glauco Cambon, the Italian painter and graphic designer, was born in Trieste in 1875. Two of his paintings, „Portrait of Attilio Hortis“ and „Music,“ brought him fame. In 1907, at the age of twenty, he presented his art to an international audience at the Venice Biennale. Portraits, caricatures, decorations, and the design of artistic billboards illustrate his versatile range. He passed away on March 7, 1930, in Biella. His works achieve record prices at art auctions. Glauco Cambon submitted this design for the Pelikan poster competition „Competition for Art Painters and Architects“ in 1909. Cambon’s design was awarded a prize and purchased by Pelikan.

The Souverän M600 Impresses with its unique character. The cap, front section, and piston grip of this elegant piston-filling fountain pen are made of high-quality resin with self-polishing properties. The 14-karat two-tone gold nib glides smoothly and expressively across the paper. The golden decorative elements, as well as the characteristic double rings and the Pelikan-typical beak-shaped clip, are adorned with 24-karat gold. The elaborately designed barrel of the Souverän M600 is crafted using the sophisticated „aurora“ process. Initially, a brass tube is worked on, engraved, and guilloched, creating fine grooves that achieve the unique light-reflecting hologram effect. Ten layers of clear lacquer give the writing instrument a smooth, flat surface, which is then printed with the colored image motif after polishing. The final multiple polishing of the barrel brings out the iconic pen’s high gloss shine.

Pelikan offers coveted objects of desire: Elegant writing instruments distinguished by a supreme sense of style. Whether as exceptional collector’s pieces, cherished gifts or items of timeless beauty, their spirit will inspire. Uncommon materials and singular design. Fine writing instruments find admirers among connoisseurs and casual users alike. It’s nearly always love at first sight – or first stroke. Fascination and passion, far more than the sum of its parts. Finely crafted in more than 300 individual steps, a testimony to dedication, precision and perfection. Designed to inspire.

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