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The modern design of the Pelikan Pura combines bold colours with a shiny silver surface. Each writing instrument is made of high quality aluminum.

Pelikan offers coveted objects of desire: elegant writing instruments distinguished by a supreme sense of style. Whether as exceptional collector’s pieces, cherished gifts or items of timeless beauty, their spirit will inspire.

Uncommon materials and singular design. Fine writing instruments find admirers among connoisseurs and casual users alike. It’s nearly always love at first sight – or first stroke. Fascination and passion, far more than the sum of its parts. Finely crafted in more than 300 individual steps, a testimony to dedication, precision and perfection. Designed to inspire.

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2 reviews for Pelikan Pura Silver Fountain pen

  1. English


    The pen design is good — clean lines, solid heft in hand, nice craftsmanship. The grip section is smooth metal and it does become slippery quickly, so this pen is not ideal (for me, at least) for long writing sessions. The main drawback for me is the nib. It is very finicky about he angle I use and it frequently has skips and hard starts. I will probably need to have the nib tuned because its performance reduces my enjoyment when writing. That said, the pen is a nice and simple design, and at a fair price.

  2. English

    Chor Kian Tang (verified owner)

    Pen looks luxury from its matt/polish finish.
    Capping or posting the pen cap requires slight bit of effort for it to lock in place.
    Pen is on the heavy side w/o posting which is to my personal liking.
    Not sure if its Pelikan pens or was it just the piece I had. It takes time before ink flows properly to the nib.
    I installed it with Kaweco ink cartridge and it took 1 cartridge to kind of "prime" the feed before the insufficient flow or baby bottom like symptoms stops.
    the slit of the nib, you will be able to tell if pen runs dry as you can see a through the slit.
    The Nib kinds of repel ink preventing ink from staining the top.
    Pen writes quite smoothly w/o scratchy sounds.
    Price for the Pura is reasonable with the built quality.

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