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A tradition continues! Pelikan’s Ink of the Year 2023 is dedicated to the famous pink-hued quartz mineral. 

Pelikan Edelstein Rose Quartz comes in a 50 ml. bottle.

The Edelstein Ink of the Year Apatite will only be produced in 2022, and will be available as of March 2022.

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4 reviews for Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year 2023 Rose Quartz Ink Bottle

  1. English


    One thing I like about fountain pens is the variety of ink colors available to express oneself. Who can resist a new Edelstein ink color? Rose quartz is a rich pink color. The ink flows well, as most Edelstein inks do. The Edelstein glass bottles are works of art. Appelboom’s price for this premium ink is reasonable compared with other sellers.

  2. English

    Jeremy (verified owner)

    I’ve recently started collecting a few pink inks because I write letters to my granddaughters. This immediately became the youngest’s favorite ink to use to write to her. As far as the ink itself, it seems a smidge dry, but that’s not uncommon for Pelikan inks. It does seem to shade a little, which makes for a more dynamic color on the paper.

  3. English


    A true baby pink ink. No brown undertone as a lot of light pink inks have. It looks a bit greenish in the bottle, but definitely not on paper! It’s a well-behaving ink and despite it being fairly light, it’s certainly legible with the fine-medium nib I used. It’s not a very wet ink, but it’s not dry either; somewhere in between.
    Appelboom customer service was as perfect as always.

  4. English

    Marta Cruz

    Hi! When I ordered the edelstein rose quartzo ink, and the Pelikan apetite set F, they weren’t available. So I needed to wait for them. But I was pleasent surprise, when I found that the Pelikan set was wrap as gift.
    The goods arrived at the very best condition

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