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The Pelikan Edelstein Ink Collection comprises eight brilliant colors with a special ingredient that ensures extra smooth writing and care for the fountain pen. The german word ”Edelstein” translates as gem stone, and each color corresponds to the beautiful coloring of a gem.

Every 50 ml high-value glass flacon is unique. The rich weight and soft curves make it a pleasure to hold in your hands. It‘s an ornament on every desk…

Uncommon materials and singular design. Fine writing instruments find admirers among connoisseurs and casual users alike. It’s nearly always love at first sight – or first stroke. Fascination and passion, far more than the sum of its parts. Finely crafted in more than 300 individual steps, a testimony to dedication, precision and perfection. Designed to inspire.

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36 reviews for Pelikan Edelstein Ink – Ink Bottle (8 colors)

  1. English

    Wayne Kates (verified owner)

    Seen and tried this ink (Adventurine Green) at the Pelikan Hub last year and really liked the color. I trust Pelikan inks in my pens. I’ve never had a problem with cleaning and the inks flow really well. I really like the color. I use it in my green stripe M800.

  2. English

    Shubhanshu (verified owner)

    The topaz is my favorite ink

  3. English


    Beautiful turquoisy blue, wet and in a beatifully designed bottle.

  4. English

    Ken (verified owner)

    I have a lot of different green inks in my collection but this has become my go to green. It is a lovely shade, I would it is on the darker side of a medium green. A very good saturated ink with a nice flow.

  5. English

    Ken (verified owner)

    Lovely saturated ink and the colour is a really nice shade of green/teal ?

  6. English

    Ken (verified owner)

    Lovely ink with good shading the Mandarin is my favourite orange ink.

  7. English

    Greg (verified owner)

    My first fill for my new Pelikan Souveran M800 fountain pen with a fine nib was with Pelikan’s Edelstein Topaz ink, which is a beautiful light blue reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea on a sunny day. The ink flow is smooth and wet but dries quickly. The Sapphire color also is a beautiful darker blue with a hint of purple. I recommend both inks highly. The great thing about a piston filler is changing ink colors whenever you like.

  8. English

    Richard Koenig

    I bought this ink wondering whether i’d like it more than Pelikan’s 4001 Blue-black. I do, because it’s darker. It dries as a less grayed-out line. And it’s well-behaved.

  9. English


    One of my favorite blue-black inks.
    The color is sheen and beautiful color.

  10. English

    Richard Koenig

    A very nice, smooth-writing blue-black on all papers tried so far. The bottle is lovely. Looking forward to comparing this ink to Pelikan’s 4001 Blau-Schwarz.

  11. English

    Florian Anders

    Actually, this is about the product review, but I would like to thank the company Appelboom for posting a picture that also shows the ink itself on paper and not just the inkwell. Incidentally, I can only say about the ink that, according to the manufacturer’s information, it enables fluent writing and dries quickly. Unfortunately, even with Pelikan, only the bottle can be seen directly and not the ink itself, so that the choice of color can be misjudged.

  12. English

    Jeroen Verwiel

    De mooiste en fijnste inkt op de markt in een klassieke dikglazen inktpot die als sierraad op je bureau staat. Topkwaliteit!

  13. English

    David Gaskell

    I’ve tried a few of the Edelstein inks and think they are all superb and very well behaved. Sapphire is a lovely bright blue, Tanzanite a great blue-black and I don’t normally go for green inks but the Aventurine is really nice too.

    Also, along with a couple of others, these are my go to inks for any pens which write a little dry.

  14. English

    Dora M

    I already have a few bottles of green ink from various companies, but this ink is very unique in colour, it is bright but still subtle and has a slight blue undertone. It writes beautiful and wet. It will work in a professional environment and I found it also writes well on cheap copy paper. But on better quality fountain pen paper it shades beautifully. I highly recommend this ink and I also adore the Pelikan bottles! Thanks to Appelboom who packaged it so well for the long travel from the Netherlands.

  15. English

    Shubhanshu Chawla (verified owner)

    Wish the Topaz would come back in stock soon. Totally love it.

  16. English

    Shubhanshu Chawla (verified owner)

    After all these years, the Topaz still remains my favorite ink ever

  17. English


    A slightly dry flowing blue ink – color is quite close to Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki and a better choice when using on non fountain pen friendly paper. Comes in the usual, beautiful Edelstein 50ml bottle. Shades nicely with a hint of sheen.

  18. English

    Nick (verified owner)

    Lovely cerulean blue, similar to Waterman’s inspiring blue but with less turquoise and more blue. The ink is well behaved and has slightly pinkish sheen.

  19. English


    Great colour, and one of the few lux bottle designs. No issue with ink in any of my pens, quality as expected from Pelikan.

  20. English

    Ray Cheng

    The Edelstein Onyx is the best black ink I’ve ever used.

  21. English

    Yljas (verified owner)

    Sometimes you’ve got to give yourself a little present. Because I’m very fond of the Edelstein Star Ruby, I wanted to try some more Edelstein inks. Looking for blue ink, I checked the web. It’s always hard to judge a colour from the screen. I bought Edelstein Topas and however it has still the Edelstein quality, the colour is a bit lighter than I expected. Now I’ve written some pages, I think it fits perfectly with the orange Laban Solar fountain pen I put it in.

  22. English

    Shubhanshu Chawla (verified owner)

    The Edelstein Topaz is the single best fountain pen ink I’ve ever used.

  23. English

    Morris Blackwoods

    Pelican Edelstein is the best ink that I’ve used. Very bright and beautiful colors.

  24. English

    Shihao Liu (verified owner)

    i brought the blue ink. it is similar to the royal blue. i really enjoy it.

  25. English

    Shihao Liu (verified owner)

    i bought this black ink for montblanc 146. They are very good combo.

  26. English

    Stefan Schnitzler (verified owner)

    Honestly I have to admit that I was looking for a real deep true blue when I ordered this one.

    The Appelboom Service was perfect as always and it arrived within 24 hours! ????????

    When doing my first test writing I was a bit disappointed being it not as dark as I expected it to be.

    So I ordered the Montblanc ultramarine which is what I really was looking for. A real deep true blue.

    When filling another Montblanc with Pelikan sapphire to give it a second chance I started liking it. It isn’t a to dark and deep blue but it is a true blue. No greyish or black tint.

    And as all my inks it is more on the wet than on the dry end.

    Soon I will have to get me another bottle.

    Very good price/ service ratio!!!

  27. English


    Heard enough Edelstein inks commends and finally ordered few. Been using Pelikan inks in the past and these are as good as other Pelikan inks.

  28. English

    Shubhanshu Chawla (verified owner)

    Currently my favorite ink. Very safe to use in expensive pens.

  29. English

    John Arthur

    I am a tiny bit disappointed by this ink. The color is a little more purple than I would like. To be fair, it’s definitely blue, not purple. It’s just not as much of a "true" royal blue as I was expecting. That said, the ink flows well and does not feather, even on poor quality paper at the office.

  30. English

    John Arthur

    The Topaz ink is excellent. It is a nice blue-black color. The ink flows well and does not feather, even on poor quality paper. I am using it primarily in a Montegrappa Nerouno with a medium gold nib.

  31. English

    John Arthur

    The Topaz ink is excellent. It is a beautiful lighter blue color. I wouldn’t say turquoise, but it is lighter than royal blue. The ink flows well and does not feather, even on poor quality paper. I am using it in a Pelikan M805 with a medium nib.

  32. English

    Quynh CN (verified owner)

    I buy 8 colors. I use Topaz to sign and write everyday. Good ink, good price.

  33. English

    Ferdinand Daguinsin

    These inks are fantastic to write with. They help the pen flow gently on the paper and it is easy to clean. The price is also fantastic. You cannot go wrong by using this ink..I would highly recommend it..

  34. English

    Alvin   (verified owner)

    This ink is a gorgeous blue-green ink which is more on the bright green side. It has good shading and the words look great when written with a pen that has a European Medium or Broad nib. The Edelstein bottles are very solid and would look great on an office desk..

  35. English

    JEANIrIS (verified owner)

    I bought every color.Good fluidity and ink color.

  36. English

    Jordan  Del Rio (verified owner)

    This is the best flowing ink I have ever owned, I bought three from Appelboom and I am impressed with the results. I bought Aventurine, Topaz, and Onyx, all three inks perform similarly. Onyx is a all around great choice, Topaz and Aventurine are great for cards and notes and look amazing. I would highly recommend this ink to anyone and would suggest they buy it from Appelboom.

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