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The original bold colour of the Parker Duofold – Big Red solidly put to the rest the belief that the public preferred their pens in black and set the stage for the widespread adoption of colour in pens that followed a few short years later. From the start, the Parker Duofold Big Red’s disruptive, energetic colour stirred the interest of customers and remained the only available colour in the Parker Duofold range until black was introduced in 1923. The Big Red remains an emblematic pen in the Parker and Duofold history.

Authentic, with a sense of strenghth and excellence brought by opulent details and superior craftmanship, the Duofold collection captures the elegance of fine writing heritage with a contemporary touch. The Duofold collection is based on the era of Jazz and Art Deco and reflects the abundance and style of this time. It is a collection of writing instruments with exceptional character and outstanding design.

The fountain pen uses cartridges or a converter and has an 18 kt gold nib in two sizes (Fine or Medium). The Duofold pen is available in 3 sizes, the large ”Centennial”, classical ”International”, or the smaller ”Demi”.

Parker is over a century leader in design and production of the best pens in the world. These pens are not only fine writing instruments, they never let you down. Moreover they give status to every generation. This has resulted that Parker pens have become a style icon.

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9 reviews for Parker Duofold Big Red CT Centennial Fountain pen

  1. Hing Cheung, King Chan (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Very good services with extremely fast shipment. One of the best online pen shops!

  2. KyungWon Lee (verified owner)

    This pen is a really reliable pen. duofold unique solid writing feel always makes you feel good. Especially it was nice to be able to buy ef nib in this store.

  3. Silven

    The delivery is fast and accurate, and the contents didn’t disappoint neither!
    My Duofold Big Red Centennial is a medium nib, might be too broad for some but I deem a good fit to this rather sizable pen and nib. I’m quite used to larger pens and it fits well, feels somewhat between a Pelikan M800 and M1000 (closer to the latter) unposted in my hand. The resin feels thick and solid, plus a sense of polished-ness not seen on either a M1000 or FP149. Writes smooth and wet.

  4. Kunal Gupta

    Unlike other Parker pens, the Duofold is a class apart and offers unique writing experience. It is comparable to any premium luxury pen, be it a Mont Blanc or Pelikan or Aurora. The 18K nib though not very soft, offfers unique writing experience. Its a must have in your collection.

  5. Mr Cy

    The Parker Duofold Centennial is an excellent pen. I chose the Big Red example for its size, vibrant colour, classic design, and awesome nib.
    I am very happy with this option – It writes beautifully, and is properly balanced.
    I might just get another one. Hahaha!!
    …Its that good.

  6. Tadd Casner

    I purchased this pen and am terribly happy with it. An iconic pen with a wonderfully smooth 18K nib. This Parker Duofold provides a pleasurable writing experience!

  7. Wissam Shawkat

    This pen was on my list fir a while but never thought it’s that good, I purchased the large size and the pen is just amazing, the size, the weight, the balance and top of all the incredibly smooth nib, what a pleasure to write with, and that classic look just perfect ! I would say this is a must for any serious pen lover.

  8. Andrew Bowman

    I had been admiring this pen for quite some time. Finally took the plunge. Very happy. Smooth, fine nib. Excellent pen. Wish that they would use another service for delivery. DHL delivery was fraught with problems.

  9. Greg

    A beautiful, iconic fountain pen. Retro Orange and black color. Parker knows fountain pens. This is a very reliable writer. The size is perfect for me. High quality construction with a solid feel. Expensive, but worth the cost for me. A worthy addition to any pen collection. The Appelboom purchase experience is excellent, as usual.

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