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Parker re-launch the Parker 51 maintaining the hallmarks of the original that gave the 51 its identity while leveraging technical advancements and our expertise and craftsmanship to ensure its fit for use in the modern world. The name Parker 51 was no coinsidence, Parker had named all their models untill then, but had come to the conclusion that if a model was given a name, this name detracted from the name of the brand. A number would therefore suffice better for a new pen, also because a number has the same meaning in all languages. A trial run of the newly developed pen was put out in 1939, which was the 51st year of the Parker Pen Company’s existence. The pen was therefore given the type number “51” – according to the official account of the factory.

The new Parker 51 is identical in silhouette to the original. Different is the shape of the nib, the length of the clip and closing system. The nib is not tube shaped but has a traditional pen blade, of course this nib is completely hidden in the front part of the pen. This construction ensures that the pen always starts easily and does not dry quickly. Furthermore, also the length of the clip is slightly longer than the original and the new Parker 51 has a screw cap

The Parker 51 Deluxe fountain pen fills via cartridge or converter and is available with a Fine or Medium 18kt gold nib.

Parker is over a century leader in design and production of the best pens in the world. These pens are not only fine writing instruments, they never let you down. Moreover they give status to every generation. This has resulted that Parker pens have become a style icon.


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8 reviews for Parker 51 Deluxe Plum GT Fountain pen

  1. English

    Eric (verified owner)

    This is a very pretty pen. Especially love the burgendy red. The nib is smooth and soft. the converter filler is easy to clean. It is a bit tricky to cap and uncap. I always feel worried that I would crash the thread. But so far it works well.

  2. English

    Glenn Garside

    I have several originals, but probably can’t afford a plum even if I could find one. So this was the obvious choice for the somewhat controversial new version…. people seem to love them or hate them, feeling they should have been truer to the original design, and saying they don’t write so well.
    The only hiccup is the screw cap… at first I automatically expected the old style clip on/off fit, and adapting took a few days, but it’s fine now. It writes well, the nib is smooth, and it looks great. Unlike the CT version, it actually came with a deluxe adaptor… as it should.
    In short, I’m perfectly happy with mine.

  3. English


    This is my second Parker (I own a Sonnet). It’s beautiful, surprisingly light and writes very well. The plum color is really nice.

  4. English

    Joon Choi

    Expectations were high because it was a replica of a historical fountain pen, and the making was fully acceptable.
    Plum color is more attractive than anything else, and it has a great sense of writing.
    I’m happy to buy a great fountain pen at a relatively affordable price, which I bought for a long time.


  5. English


    I recently ordered this pen to add to my pen collection. It writes really well. For this kind of design, I would prefer a push cap rather than a threaded cap. Anyway, its not a deal-breaker. I don’t have the original Parker 51 but I hope the new release is adjusted to fit into the current market trend. Overall, it’s a good addition to an existing collection.

  6. English

    Yashen Maharaj

    Excellent Seller and very happy with product
    Great communication, willing to negotiate and accommodate
    item as described
    Fast, safe and secure packing
    Fountain Pen is of course a classic !!
    Will highly recommend buying from here

  7. English


    i appreciate its great form factor for writing. i find it more comfortable to use compared to the classic ’51’ as i habitually dont post my pens. i did have to work on the nib a little to sort out some hard starting – writes beautifully now, on par with my aerometric and vacumatic ’51’s

  8. English

    Josep Izquierdo (verified owner)

    I am completely satisfied with this reinterpretation of the classic Parker 51. A pen for everyday use, reliable, comfortable and balanced in the hand, with a distinguished cap, and a smooth and reliable nib. It allows long writing sessions without the pen being a cause for fatigue or distraction. It was my first Appelboom purchase and the service was quick and attentive. I will repeat. Good buy.

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