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    The Opus 88 Jazz Red fountain pen is a new addition in the Opus 88 series. The Jazz fountain pen collection of Opus 88 is a classical designed pen which is available in a variety of colors. The material of the body of the pen is specially made and is slightly slimmer compared to the popular Opus 88 Omar edition. The Opus 88 Jazz is equipped with eyedropper filling system and center bar to regulate the ink flow. This is usually only available on high end eyedropper fountain pens. Having the semi-translucent resin portions of the pen allows you to see both your current ink level and your nib while capped. The Opus 88 Jazz features black details and a stainless steel #6 JoWo nib. The pen can be filled with the included eyedropper.

    Masterfully engineered to serve both form and function, Opus 88 pens transcend mere communication to reflect the artistry that is the written word. For over two decades, founder Michael Hsu has personally and painstakingly crafted each pen to exacting standards, selectively building his Opus 88 label for discering clientele. Those who recognize the power and beauty of an exquisite writing instrument appreciate his work. Since 1988, as an OEM/ODM supplier, Michael has earned a reputaion for excellence.

    Opus 88 is a Taiwanese company. The name Opus was choosen because the company tries to tell the pen user that they are good in using different materials to create pens (materials like brass, wood, shell, sterling silver, acrylic, ebonite, etc.). The number 88 is a reference to the year the company was founded. The symbols in the logo are the Chinese word fort he family name of the company ‘’Hsu’’.

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    2 reviews for Opus 88 Jazz Red Fountain pen

    1. English

      Gary (verified owner)

      Opus 88 Jazz Red. (B)
      The pen wrote perfect right out of the box. I was surprised that it wrote so well reversed (XF) I’m using Noodlers English Rose. I needed to silicone up all threads &
      Plunger. All were very tight. The cap does post OK. I need to make sure it’s secure. Very Happy overall

    2. English

      M.P. (verified owner)

      Since I bought the first OPUS 88 fountain pen I’ve been enthusiastic about this brand. So it’s no wonder that I have acquired 4 more OPUS 88 pen models within just one year. All pens write wonderfully smooth, lie perfectly in the hand and are excellently processed. The large storage tank of the eyedropper filler inspires me again and again and the transparent material shows an immediate insight into the available supply quantity.
      The "Jazz" model that has just been purchased is in no way inferior to my previously purchased Opus 88. With its black cap and end cap, it is more reminiscent of a "conventional" fountain pen from the 1950s with the advantage of a huge ink supply.
      Of course I also ordered the "Jazz" from APPELBOOM, despite the CORONA problem, the processing was "extremely rapid" and I was able to put my first pages on paper with the OPUS 88 "Jazz" just 2 days after ordering …
      thank you Joost Appelboom and team!

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