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The Opus 88 Jazz Holiday Clear fountain pen is a new addition in the Opus 88 series. The Jazz fountain pen collection of Opus 88 is a classical designed pen which is available in a variety of colors. The Holiday Jazz Demonstrator version is matte and semi-translucent, with ruthenium (dark silver) details.

The material of the body of the pen is specially made and is slightly slimmer compared to the popular Opus 88 Omar edition. The Opus 88 Jazz is equipped with eyedropper filling system and center bar to regulate the ink flow. This is usually only available on high end eyedropper fountain pens. Having the semi-translucent resin portions of the pen allows you to see both your current ink level and your nib while capped. The Opus 88 Jazz features a stainless steel #6 JoWo nib. The pen can be filled with the included eyedropper.

Masterfully engineered to serve both form and function, Opus 88 pens transcend mere communication to reflect the artistry that is the written word. For over two decades, founder Michael Hsu has personally and painstakingly crafted each pen to exacting standards, selectively building his Opus 88 label for discering clientele. Those who recognize the power and beauty of an exquisite writing instrument appreciate his work. Since 1988, as an OEM/ODM supplier, Michael has earned a reputaion for excellence.

Opus 88 is a Taiwanese company. The name Opus was choosen because the company tries to tell the pen user that they are good in using different materials to create pens (materials like brass, wood, shell, sterling silver, acrylic, ebonite, etc.). The number 88 is a reference to the year the company was founded. The symbols in the logo are the Chinese word fort he family name of the company ‘’Hsu’’.

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7 reviews for Opus 88 Jazz Holiday Clear Fountain pen

  1. English

    Terje Odin Mykkeltveit

    I just love this pen, and the collection of Opus 88 Jazz in general. These pens are quite large and girthy, and that is for me a pre requisite of a really good writing tool.. I like the matte transparent finish of this model and the good ink capacity, it has. The shut-off valve makes it well suited for flights. I have considered myself being a user, not a collector, but these pens may change that. I will certainly acquire more versions of the Opus 88 Jazz soon.

  2. English

    Joseph (verified owner)

    This is a great pen especially for those who want a Japanese eyedropper style pen. It came writing well out of the box with no need to adjust the nib. Now the nib is a bit too smooth for my preference, but that is a preference more than a quality issue. The great thing is that you can easily switch out the nib because it takes standard JOWO #6 nib units. The pen holds a lot of ink. My only issues with the pen are: too big for my hands (for comparison, the most comfortable pen for me is the Lamy 2000 and TWSBI ECO & 580); another is that the ink comes into the cap and because it is clear it looks smudged, which I don’t like, but again it is a preference issue for those who care.
    However, with all these, I think the pen is a great value for the price. You get an astounding pen that is versatile.

  3. English

    John K

    There’s not too much on the internet about the Opus 88 Jazz model, but the Holiday finish in the fully frosted & ruthenium plated finish caught my eye. The pen is large, and the frosted material feels nice in the hand. I find that I try extra hard to avoid getting finger oils on the section, but rest assured, the coating is durable (at least after a few months of use). It’s a demonstrator, so you’re going to have to accept some small stains here and there. Overall a great value. I requested my nib to be tuned and it’s the best Jowo round nib I’ve used to date. Thanks for reading.

  4. English

    Erik (verified owner)

    The Opus 88 Jazz holiday fountain pen is an affordable but high quality pen. The design is a combination of classic and modern, and it has a ‘jazz’-style look. A nice daily writer and good addition to a fountain pen collection as well!

  5. English

    Ángel Miguel Sampedro Viejo (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a pen with a large ink capacity at a good price, the opus 88 jazz FP is what you need. The F-steel nib writes very smoothly, is rigid and a true fine. As always the Appelboom service is perfect.

  6. English

    Miguel Guillén LLovería (verified owner)

    Excelente producto. Muy anatómica y ligera, permite largas sesiones de escritura sin que la mano se canse o resienta.
    Increíble capacidad de carga y un plumín suave y agradable.
    Ningún defecto.

  7. English

    Fredrik Graf (verified owner)

    The Jazz is a larger fountain pen, yet not very heavy and has a nice form that rest easily in ones hand. If you like a larger than average pen, this is well worth looking into.
    This model stands apart enough from the colored versions to be worthy to have it’s own place.
    The frosted version with blackened metal parts is a nice pen that will liven up the pen stand should you fill it with a vibrant ink. Nibs are Jowo #6, and they do write well.

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