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Brand: Opus 88

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The Opus 88 Demonstrator fountain pen is truly unique writing instrument. Featuring a sharp alternating material scheme of ebonite and resin, this pen’s design stands on its own. The Opus 88 Demonstrator is equipped with eyedropper filling system and center bar to regulate the ink flow. This is usually only available on high end eyedropper fountain pens. Having the translucent resin portions of the pen allows you to see both your current ink level and your nib while capped. The Opus 88 Demonstrator features chrome details and a stainless steel #6 JoWo nib. The pen can be filled with the included eyedropper and holds 2ml of ink.

Masterfully engineered to serve both form and function, Opus 88 pens transcend mere communication to reflect the artistry that is the written word. For over two decades, founder Michael Hsu has personally and painstakingly crafted each pen to exacting standards, selectively building his Opus 88 label for discering clientele. Those who recognize the power and beauty of an exquisite writing instrument appreciate his work. Since 1988, as an OEM/ODM supplier, Michael has earned a reputaion for excellence.

Opus 88 is a Taiwanese company. The name Opus was choosen because the company tries to tell the pen user that they are good in using different materials to create pens (materials like brass, wood, shell, sterling silver, acrylic, ebonite, etc.). The number 88 is a reference to the year the company was founded. The symbols in the logo are the Chinese word fort he family name of the company ‘’Hsu’’.

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2 reviews for Opus 88 Demonstrator Red Fountain pen

  1. Roland

    Dieser Füller ist vergleichbar mit Pelikan 1000. Natürlich ist das Feeling beim Schreiben mit der weichen Goldfeder des Souveräns angenehmer. Aber das Resultat sieht mindestens genau so gut aus. Zusammengefasst ein perfektes Arbeitsinstrument mit aussergewöhnlich guten Eigenschaften und einer Feder, die einfach immer das tut, was uns am wichtigsten ist: Schreiben ohne Aussetzer!
    Eigentlich bin ich gegen das Online-Einkaufen. Bei Füllern und Appelboom mache ich eine Ausnahme! Perfekter Service!

  2. Sarah

    My new favorite!

    Huge ink capacity, eyedropper filling with an adjustable back valve make it an ideal travel pen. Ink supply is visible even in my red one. Follow the instructions and leave the rear twisted open slightly to ensure smooth ink flow.

    The F nib is neither a wet nor a dry writer and it writes smoothly without scratchiness. The nib is firm, not flexible, in a pleasant way.

    Another plus: it takes the Jowo or Edison #6 nibs. You can experiment with stub and broad nibs, even a gold nib, without investing in multiple pens.

    Its circumference and length, unposted, make it very comfortable in my small hands. It’s not too masculine and its chic appearance in this fairly dark red make it suitable for a more formal office.

    I avoid non-posting pens, but this is long enough without the cap for that not to matter. You can hand it to someone without the cap and they are unlikely to walk away with an uncapped fountain pen.

    Strongly recommended.

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