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The Ögon Designs Stockholm Silver Credit Card Holder is quick and easy to access your cards – designed to open with one hand.

The Ögon Designs Credit Card Holders are protected from RFID (Radio-frequency identification) theft – The cards are protected from electronic data theft.

New credit cards allow a quick payment, without any contact with the terminal, and without any PIN (RFID or NFC technology). These cards have a security weakness and can be distance hacked. The card owner is exposed to bank fraud and identity theft. Ögon Designs Credit Card Holders, thanks to their conception, have a Faraday cage effect and therefore are RFID safe. The cards are protected from data theft and from a possible demagnetization.

The Ögon Designs Stockholm Credit Card Holder is eco-friendly, the packaging is made of recycled materials and is reusable. Do not discard this Ögon Designs Credit Card Holder in trash.

Scandinavia is known for design. Therefore, it’s fitting Ögon Design has its roots in Sweden. Ögon Design is famous of its protective credit card holders made of lightweight and durable materials in a sleek design. Ögon Design was founded in 2000 by Thomas Marcel.

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